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are on the market which enable someone to actually put it to use, all TB is worth is an oo and an ahhh. Display? That doesn't take advantage of the bandwidth. It's just a connector. To what?
I was working in the Macintosh tech support group for an ISP, everyone was predicting Apple's imminent demise, the group was being broken up and the stock was trading at 13. Damn.
I am looking to get a mini. not an air, have PPC software which is important to me and subjectively I am not the kind of person who goes for what I see as gimmicky wholesale not performance related but interface changes aimed at iphone users.
will the new models run Snow Leopard? I have an interest in a new hardware model. Not Lion.
There was an attempt to kill it before. The white plastic one went away for a stripped aluminum chassis model which then became the 13" pro model at a marginal price bump, bringing the plastic model back for the price point. Steve announced the design concept of the Air's was the direction of the future for laptops across the board. With a Sandy Bridge Air, where is there place for a MacBook? The C2D is about to become history. The Mini is about to go Sandy Bridge, and it...
the goose which laid the golden egg.
They aren't going to update the white MacBook. Its history, Done. Over. That handwriting has been on the wall quite a while. The recent sales success of the Air only put the last nail in the coffin.
can be used as a "server" Any old hunk of junk can be used as a server. Hell, I used to use a IIci as a server. Because a computer can be used as a server does not make a piece of hardware "sever grade" "server class" or "enterprise class" intended for mission critical 27/7 commercial use. That is a determination by the manufacture of the drive.To suggest it is, is false advertising. What would be accurate, to the point truth in advertising is "low power, cool running,...
I only have 5 Apple computers, an ATV, an AP base station, 4 express stations and an ipod in the house. I have owned dozens of Macintoshes and other Apple products over the years.I bought my first Mac in 1994 and I was one of the die hard people who kept that company alive when everyone else declared it on its death bed. I buy components, including hard drives. Every manufacturer who makes them has a "server grade" drive with a longer warranty (Typically 5 years rather...
While the WD Green is a fine drive, "server grade" or "enterprise class" drives typically are designed for uses where reliability against failure is an important issue and they carry a longer warranty.
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