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multi port Thunderbolt hub would be just fine. ESata/FW/USB/Display/Enet Thanks
So if they have an average selling price of 1323.40 which yields a profit of 370.55 ...that means it costs Apple 952.85 or 46% more to build a computer than HP sells one for. If Apple was selling computers at HP's profit margins, that hypothetical average Mac would go for 1029.08. Still substantially more than HPs average and how much extra volume of sales would an average price cut of 300 bucks net? Seven times as many? I doubt it.
I doubt this.
Wishful thinking is right LOL As is a 4 core Mini. An up charge for a dual core i7 maybe, but Mini's will be lucky to see 4 cores at all.
200 billion is more than 70 billion. But doesn't mean anything. Buying a company valued at 3 times the amount of cash? Happens all the time.The Justice Dept wouldn't allow it in any case on monopoly grounds, no more than they would allow M$ buying Apple times past; but it sure makes for an amusing picture Dell would work too
Buy Microsoft Now wouldn't that be the ultimate last laugh?
Per usual, the drama queens trying to make something out of nothing.
Presumably you can hook up either a USB or a Firewire device with a hub/adapter, unlike USB and Firewire which are incompatible with each other. But having done so, will Thunderbolt support features of Firewire, like Target disk mode? Or the chaining of 63 devices? Support the peer to peer communication between Firewire devices if those devices are connected to a hub/adapter? Will it support the 127 or whatever the number of USB devices off a hub/adapter? Will it...
Model refreshes are due sometime. What shocking set you back in your chair story! Yet another amazing news coup for AI!
Does Thunderbolt have a target disk mode? I have not seen anyone mention that feature as yet.
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