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Gimmicks for the sake of gimmicks and changing the UI for the sake of justifying your job do nothing to add functionality or improve clarity. Just because they have a core animation tool is not a good reason for using it. What happened to simple and consistent clarity?
is where?
This lawsuit BS has transformed from the out of hand to the ludicrous. The only people benefiting are the courts and the lawyers.
Don't these people have anything better to do with their time?
If people would stop thinking of their own self interest in Apple as a company. He is a man with a life and family like anyone else.
Only 15 years after the fact chance to jump on that bandwagon! Way to go!Sidenote: Evolution/change/passing of generations never has equated to *death* That's different. No one bothered to mention that obscure distinction?
Nothing times nothing is still nothing. There are currently just over one hundred virus threats for OS, half of which is actually distributed software which *could* be used maliciously. All of the keyloggers fit that description.The anti-virus and security software people have to justify their existence somehow for an OS that doesn't have any substantive virus issues to deal with. Yet. That describes a *potential* market for these folks who advertise their product with...
to whom? Last time I checked, people use computers. If you have essential software which depends on Rosetta and cannot be upgraded or replaced, you are S.O.L. I for one already keep an old computer around to run OS9. Just for that.
is going to hurt. Even with all the new graphics apps, there is still nothing out there to replace Canvas and I still use it regularly.
why Apple held back on Firewire 3200, USB3, HDMI, Express card and eSata. They knew what they were working on and made a choice to wait and invest in the technology that could all of this and more rather than invest in every wiz bang cutting edge of the moment new thing or detour which came along.
New Posts  All Forums: