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adapter coming out?
there are none for sale by anyone yet, 6 is a lot. So much for the 16 gb ssd boot dive Aren't rumors a wonderful distraction leading nowhere?
of NVidia graphics on Apple machines? The only ones left are the IG on mini's and airs, and the optional Quadro for a Pro tower. Presumably at some point, the minis and airs will leave C2D behind too together with the IG on those models.
and how to do it. My own experience with it is that in use its a pain in the a**. Particularly with a small ssd boot disk, you are now constantly asking yourself what can fit where and if anything happens or you go to change the users folder disk, then you have an unbootable machine or extra hoops to jump through. In any case, there is no permissions repair this way as it currently stands. The ssd as described is not a seagate hybrid. Either the description is incorrect...
Users directory AND applications. Thats nothing to sneeze at in terms of gigs of space used, thank you for mentioning it! My own app folder exceeds that 16 gigs by itself. Then there are the application support files in the root library itself, some of which can add up to mega gigs. Then files like voices and dictionaries. They are nothing to sneeze at either. Then there are the invisibles. The sleep image, the swap file, the temp files. The umpteen million printer files...
users directory being on a different volume than the boot volume? I have played with that and its a pain in the a** no matter how you do it. Its not just files, its the whole user directory library which contains caches, prefs, app support etc.
FW is technically superior. But it lost the marketing war and hasn't been advanced for lack of market support. There was a FW 3200 developed quite some time ago. It's never been sold.
Light peak is supposed to be marketed as the do anything/everything cabling system that (hopefully) replaces all the others. It's not supposed to be exclusive/proprietary but introduced as a new industry standard.Someone has to take the first step of actually using it.
Peripheral makers adopt Light Peak, there will need to be some sort of adaptive interface. No matter who does it. If you are using cable connections, there still has to be a cable from each device and all the clutter which comes with that.
You go all that trouble to create a single connector, then have two cables out going in different directions to different sources? One data, one power? The data brick as pictured would have to have some sort of power source of its own, so why not a single cable from brick to connector? What are you going to do with the integrated data cable when you unplug and leave the desk? You still need the power cable attached to the transformer. This could be simplified at a...
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