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a Sandy Bridge mini?
up or downside is 3gbs bandwidth. If there is a 6gbs interface available and you don't have a drive capable of taking advantage of the extra bandwidth afforded by sata III, that's your choice. If 6gbs is not available on the machine, its not your choice. You can spring for the fastest ssd on the market and still top end at 3gbs. Setting aside the possibility of any express card fed external raid units. Having or not having sata III would count for a lot.
The defect only affects the sata II ports. If they had intended to use the sata III ports, then no changes would have been required and they would have been good to go as it was. So if they have to shift to the sata III, that means they had intended to use the sata II. Since there is more involved in the whole interface than the chipset, I suspect that means we will still see sata II performance.
and will keep using the defective chipsets, that says they were/are intending to ship with the sata II interface, not the sata III interface. That's not cool either
Now to make real use of it, every Flash video out there needs redoing in the new format. Like .. I am going to hold my breath. Not.
how all these phone makers have jumped on Android because it works and is more or less royalty and development cost free ... yet Linux which works and is more or less royal and development cost free still languishes in never never land.
on Craigs in Gainesville. They were just too blatant for words. Remember thinking to myself ... Wait til they catch up with his ass. Evidently they have.
Chrome will play html5/h.264 with a plug-in.
The XServe is still up on Apple's store site. Same tag. Discontinued Dec 31, 2010
this is a case of "you get what you pay for". H.264 does involve royalties. It does things the *semi* open source alternative does not do. Funny about that, people having a notion of being paid for work and invention. How strange the world is!
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