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Not to mention if you movies or tv shows stored on a drive, guess what. To view them, they need to be authenticated via iTunes soooooooooooo there is no way to view purchased content. Real smart Apple. A bunch of geniuses working there.
This is an excellent shot. I like it quite a bit. Great angle and prospective.
Here are a few that I have taken with my iPhone 6+      
I'll need to check. :)
                                                                            More shots that could not come from an iPhone. Don't get me wrong. The iPhone 6+ is a great phone and has a very capable camera but people who think they will take professional photos are victims of marketing and easy prey for Jedi mind tricks. You want to shoot like a pro, you have to...
                                        Hey dude. Here are a few shots that I took that COULD NOT be captured with an iPhone. I use a Nikon D810 with various professional lenses. The aurora shot for example cost more or less $7000 or so. 
Are you comprehension challenged. I was referring to the Photos apps. 
I'll ge over myself when you get a **** clue. As I said, only someone who didn't have a clue about photography would make such a moronic statement as the one you made. 
Please stop talking...
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