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Why do people have to announce what they are not going to do? Just don't do it and keep it to yourself.
Sorry but Photos is not an Aperture replacement. Not by a long shot even though Aperture was long in the tooth. Photos is for the consumer who does not know much or expect much from editing photos. This is for the Instagram, take a photo of my food crowd. Not someone who needs a powerful editing tool. This is baby steps.
Not to mention if you movies or tv shows stored on a drive, guess what. To view them, they need to be authenticated via iTunes soooooooooooo there is no way to view purchased content. Real smart Apple. A bunch of geniuses working there.
This is an excellent shot. I like it quite a bit. Great angle and prospective.
Here are a few that I have taken with my iPhone 6+      
I'll need to check. :)
                                                                            More shots that could not come from an iPhone. Don't get me wrong. The iPhone 6+ is a great phone and has a very capable camera but people who think they will take professional photos are victims of marketing and easy prey for Jedi mind tricks. You want to shoot like a pro, you have to...
                                        Hey dude. Here are a few shots that I took that COULD NOT be captured with an iPhone. I use a Nikon D810 with various professional lenses. The aurora shot for example cost more or less $7000 or so. 
Are you comprehension challenged. I was referring to the Photos apps. 
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