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I'll ge over myself when you get a **** clue. As I said, only someone who didn't have a clue about photography would make such a moronic statement as the one you made. 
Please stop talking...
If you really believe this, then you are just another point and shooter who wouldn't know their way around an f-stop or sRAW. Leave the serious photography conversations to people who know what they need. This is software for the selfie crowd.
Utter rubbish for serious photographers. This is point and shoot software for the selfie dilettantes.
The new and hopefully soon to arrive Apple Photo solution should give Adobe pause. Hopefully it will be more geared at advanced to pro users but with a shallow learning curve for the beginner to novice that wants to edit photos.
So sad. Been calling with Skype, and other wifi/VoIP apps for years. The US finally comes into the 21st century.
So sad. Phones have been unlocked in Europe for years and years. Welcome to the 21 century.
The people here that are so quick to make this assumption are under the gun to produce wedding photos for customers but are snapshot photographers who have very little idea about pro apps.
That is because you don't make money shooting, and processing photos. iPhoto is not a pro app and never was meant to be. 
Define better? LR has had a better feature set for years. The modular approach is a bit wonky but for the most part LR out performs Aperture in that it does not crash or hang nearly as much. 
New Posts  All Forums: