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There is no migration tool. The easiest and simplest way is to STOP using Aperture at 17:00, and at 17:01 use Lightroom to process your photos. The time is irrelevant, as I was using it to make a point, but none the less, keep Aperture on your Mac for historical purposes but process from the future forward only in LR. 
I tend to buy the theory that Apple is losing its cool factor but more so that Apple realizes that their products are not as "cool" with the urban collective. For the most part Apple products are seen as products for white people, and Apple is seen as white company. Maybe Dre can change this.
Maybe Beats will finally produce a product that I would remotely consider buying because up to now, their entire product line is crap.
Quote: "He noted the appeal of Beats to both young users as well as black Americans, given the strong reputation Beats products carry in those demographics." I said this very thing in a previous thread about this. Hate to say it and I am sure to get flamed for it but Apple products are viewed as being for upwardly mobile whites. Yes there are more minorities represented more recently in Apple advertisements but for the most part Apple products appear to be targeted to a...
Hey Dude. You could be correct. Apple could make things better in the hardware arena, however in the sound department, Beats has a long way to go... The above is my listening gear of choice. Shure SE 846's, Sony PHA-1, custom ear buds.
Maybe. Who knows. I really do not get this but then again, I don't have to.
I will throw this out there and see if it sticks. Maybe they are bringing Dre in for the urban cool factor. I have no statistics on how many minorities purchase or own iPhones but other than the "cool" factor Dre brings nothing to the table. As for the actual product itself, Beats are rubbish.
I do hope that Apple is not considering using Beats for their sound quality? They are utter rubbish. I have never heard a more terrible sounding set of headphones except the original headphones that Apple supplies with the iPhone or iPod. 
Well Nikon does make the best 24-70mm f/2.8 on the market. It is so good that Canon users buy adapter rings to mount it. Losing AF, and metering. Just say... I won't mention my D800 or D4. Still just saying... :)
New Posts  All Forums: