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I can dream quite a bit. A trip to the local 7-11 doesn't count as going abroad. Back to the holler and get a clue.
Actually Mr. Skil you are correct. I was making reference to the fact that most Americans don't have passports, nor travel outside of CONUS let alone live anywhere else. Yes Canada and Mexico are abroad in that sense but the comment that I responded to is typical of someone with parochial ambitions.
Said by someone who thinks that Mexico and Canada is abroad. Get a passport.
 I live in Finland, a country that actually knows how to price. Go feel stupid now.
Locked phones? Does that still go on? This is too funny. God, I love my unlimited LTE/4G data, voice and text messages for $25 a month.
This statement can not be serious. You would truly want a smaller range of colors? Are you serial stupid or just uninformed?
I think your obtuse and pointless statement was rebuttal enough that you have no clue to photography... You need more?
Consumer software. Aperture is more and more becoming less a pro app and more a consumer app... Too bad...
Another point and shoot Instacrapper...
Absolutely the dumbest post I've read to date. You are obviously a point and shot camera phone user who has no clue about using pro software to support a business. Please stay out of these type of discussions. You lack of understanding is boundless.
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