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Beep, beep, beep... The sound of you obfuscating and backing up....  Never mind...  You can go back to sleep.
Care to back up that claim that Apple did nothing wrong with a set of facts. You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts....
In other news, water is wet....
Dumbest quote of the summer.... Please stop....
Are you any kind of photographer at all? If so, you would say that. Stick to iPhoto aka iBloato and leave the pro apps to people who need them and know what they want.
I heard it will called " a figment of everyone's imagination". In all seriousness, lots of pro shooters have jumped ship and started using LR5. Nothing in Aperture can match the tools in LR5. Maybe the file structure and workflow are clunky but the tools make switching worth it.
Aperture = Abandonware....
Most likely. I use fingerprint sensors often and the most logical place is near the keypad or the one button where the integration saves space.
Why is this news 8 months later?
Hey JollyPaul,    can you elaborate a bit more? My iPhone 5 will show LTE while on an LTE network. I am in Finland and have the 100Mbps package and it is pretty darn fast. On my iPad Mini, I too have an LTE SIM but it does not show an LTE connection. Only 3G. Is this because of the software inside the Mini? Is it actually connected via LTE but only showing 3G?    Kiitos
New Posts  All Forums: