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You didn't understand the: "probably ......yada, yada, yada..." So by your reasoning, it is okay for Apple to STEAL the photo because the photographer should be honored and there is a chance that they will become famous. Makes no sense. You obviously have very little understanding regarding the licensing of images...
It depends on the site where the image was stored. If the image was a full res image, problem solved for Apple to steal it.
I call BS. Prove this. I love your caveated statement: "probably saw a surge in popularity/publicity of his other photos".    What Apple did is typical of what people do with images on the Internet. They steal photographers photos and tried to get away with it.
BEST POST EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're both right and wrong at the same time. Apple does need to advertise this simply because people for the most part have no clue. I was in a shop watching a guy buy Apple Care totally unaware that the did not need it for the first two years of his device life-cycle. The sales attendant didn't bother to tell him either. I did and it pissed the sales attendant off.
I call BS on this. You are just piling on and have accepted the troll bait... Move along... Nothing to see here...
I sometimes get this with my 2000 dollar lens. As someone pointed out if you point a lens at the sun you are going to get some interesting results. I am quite sure the iPhone lenses aren't nano-coated. People need something to complain about.
Who forgot to deploy the anti-troll spray?
Why does anyone still listen to Gene Munster? He is sooooo irrelevant...
Too funny. Been using data and voice at the same time for years in Europe, all for the same cost...
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