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Good point. I am in wait and see mode. I hope Apple opens it all up. This will propel Nokia to shit or get off the pot. I do suspect that they are betting quite a bit on the N97. Stores here in Finland are lining up to get them. Some stores are even adding them to their inventories but saying that they cost €999.90 but this number is a place holder. This summer should be good. If I am back in NY, I will give you a holler and we can go for that drink.
Do you make completely unfounded assumption all the time? You assume I have a PC. You assume that I had no idea about product codes, or even the phone codes that allow you to access the phones directly, or that I do not know about GSM Arena, and the list goes on. Still you have not point out one piece of malware by name. Where is this going? Are you working on your post count or something? So far nothing of interest or importance has been said.
Do you meant to sign an application? That is not the same as changing an IMEI. I have signed apps myself so that I can install them. So your pirating argument still is not proven. Would you like to simply withdraw it? Do you know of a firewall application for a mobile phone? Which malware are you talking about exactly? You seem to make general statements without providing much detail or facts.
When you say sign up, are you talking about the people that do not have it installed on their phones and then purchase a license? I know that it was installed on my N85 but I do not play games on phones, I have an Xbox, and a Wii for this (same with using a real camera instead of a cam phone as my main camera) if I need to play games. P.S. You do not have to try to get numbers or do a search. I will take your word for it. My question was more general in nature.
1. True. They are offering an email service now. I beta tested it for a while but I did not like it that much. I use ProfiMail (application) and connect to my .me account via IMAP. Works pretty good, and in my opinion is a viable contender against BB or any other mail solution. Also to consider is that when the BB network goes down users are without mail until it comes back up. By using a simple VPN solution, users are not held hostage to BB outages. 2. I am still trying...
1. Yes, yes. The email has been in beta for a while. It launched or will launch very soon, and of course you have to pay to use the BB service. You need licenses just like everything else. If you have a RIM handset, you still have to pay for the service so I am not sure of your point here. Besides throughout the companies that I know of here in Finland, they simply use a VPN solution to get to the company resources, so BB COnnect is not really needed in some cases. 2. What...
Not sure what you mean with this. Risky how so?
Hmmmm..... Interesting prediction. Considering that BB software will run on Nokia phones via a client, RIM will have a hard time here in Europe. On all of the E-Series phones, you can run BB Connect which lets you have the best of both worlds. I think it will finally settle down with numbers like: Nokia 34%, Apple 25%, and the rest that really do not matter much. Now that Apple songs are DRM free, I simply sync my iTunes lib with my Nokia phone and leave the iPhone at home.
Exactly. For me it is all about performance vs. price. If I have to pay more to get the performance I am looking for, I go this route. I hate to have something and then think about maybe I should have done this or that. By the way, someone was complaining about the new iPod Shuffle. Just to add my $00.02 to the mix. I first found the device annoying as it did not have any controls and I was forced to use the crappy headphones supplied by Apple. In fact I still am but this...
I know you have nothing against Nokia. In fact as I stated in one other thread, you are one of the more interesting people in this forum. You have a wide view as opposed to thinking myopically that the world revolves around Apple. Outside of this forum my friends consider me an Apple zealot or fanboy but, truth be told, I am a fan of what works with the least amount of hasslel
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