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I know you have nothing against Nokia. In fact as I stated in one other thread, you are one of the more interesting people in this forum. You have a wide view as opposed to thinking myopically that the world revolves around Apple. Outside of this forum my friends consider me an Apple zealot or fanboy but, truth be told, I am a fan of what works with the least amount of hasslel
Hey Melgross, Good post, and I will agree with you for about 90% regarding Nokia. It seems now that they are seeing the light (albeit maybe a bit too late) about what people want. As Nokia is not really competing or competitive in the US, I think it would be fair to say that most of your info comes from press releases, and some forums. However, being that I am currently here in Finland, and have access to Nokia (developers, staff, biz teams, etc...), I can see things...
I hear you. Like I said, either way I am covered. I will always have a Mac, and an iPhone/Nokia telephony combination. Right now, I use my E71 as my music player simply for the A2DP and my Stereo BT headset, and I use the iPhone as my backup (work) phone. I don't really use it for anything other than to call. If it had more of the features that I wanted/need I might use it more.
Hi Melgross, You might have a point, but when I speak I am speaking in general about global markets, not US. I do not see RIM as being globally ahead of Nokia but I do believe that golbally Apple could have a good shot at being #2. Samsung and LG have some nice phones out. Luckily I get to play with many of them or I can even go to a shop and see them first hand. I would say that Nokia's competition comes from them rather than Apple. Either way, Apple will be releasing...
You waited 2 days to respond to this? Do you have some sort of alert when I post so that you can troll me down and post behind something that I post? In the scheme of things it really has to suck being you. I remember the days when TBaggins used to pop in just set you straight. Those were the days. Anyway with regard to Nokia being the #1 seller in the UK for their phone it obviously proves that not everyone (as I have said all along) is dying to have an iPhone. These...
Hope this shakes up the market even more to get the other guys off their collective asses and start to really compete. This can only be a win-win for consumers. Hell, I don't mind having a Nokia X-Series and an iPhone or two. At the end of the day its only money.
Is this another one since the 19th? I just got one.
Uber true. The N96 should have never left the drawing board. It was a year too late at best.
Generally I look past them and go to their sources and use (In the words of Bush) The Google to try and get more info if possible.
Old news. Try looking back a few days before posting the past.....
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