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They might considering I do not have to pay for my Snow Leopard Seeds. Might be worth asking them.
I'm in Finland right now and get 110DL/5UL for $50, all you can eat. No limits.
You mean the browser that is prone to crashes and still can not visit some popular sites? This kind of enjoyment I can do without. The iPhone is a good to great device. It is miles away from being exceptional as are most phones on the market because they are all compromised. There is no one stop shopping phone out there that will meet everyones needs. The iPhone comes close sometimes if you do not require much in the way of telephony services. Nokia comes close if your...
Either way this is good new for consumers regardless of which brand loyalties one posesses.
Interesting. This just in: http://www.symbian-freak.com/news/00...lion_units.htm
I have no problem to accept (or do you mean except?) that Apple has done well. Hell, I have an iPhone but then I am used to using smartphones for many, many years so I am not all a-gogga over the iPhone. It is a competent device for what it does. As I have continued to point out, in specific areas it excels while in other areas (mainly telephony, and messaging) if fails equally as bad. Hopefully 3.0 will address these issues and make the iPhone a true biz like smartphone....
Not necessarily true. I can not take any phones into my work areas so my iPhone and my E71 sit outside in a non-classified area. At the end of the day, the iPhone is down considerably more than the E71. It is the way it is. The iPhone is a battery hog.
Good article. I still think that Nokia will lose market share (smartphones only) simply because of the new players. This is natural. As I said before and will say again, it will be interesting to see how things shake out once Nokia drops the N97 and Apple release 3.0, as well as the other guys. Once the dust clears I suspect Nokia will still be on top separated by only a few percentage points between the rest of the pack. Also, considering that we are speaking about...
Ah, okay. I got cha. I am not so jade like many Nokia fans nor even the Appleistas in this forum to think that market share is exclusive. Nokia will lose shares as will RIM, as will Apple, as will they all. Apple will keep their base, Nokia will as well. It is simple naive to think that with all of the new entrants in the field to think Nokia will continue to sit on a 60% market share. I will put forth that no one will over take them, but they will not enjoy the position...
Once again you prove the point of: It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. I was not banned. I told the mods to disable my account. Go ask them and see for yourself. Damn, it really has to suck being you.
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