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Here you go. It is late here in the land of 1000 lakes so if you post something please excuse that I do not respond right away. You can start with this:http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/N97http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O2Li74EYew (I think the music is dumb but whatever)http://www.engadget.com/2008/12/02/n...hip-n97-phone/ Cheerio
I do not recall mentioning 13 million 5800XM thing. From my understanding, they shipped 13 million, not sold 13 million, but if you say so, so be it. I don't remember mentioning it here. Anyway the N97 if anything is similar but not quite the same thus the "N" designation. I guess you could see it the same as I see an iPhone as nothing more than an iPod with phone (not a very good phone at that but still a phone none the less.) Supposedly the N97 is the new direction...
One thing worth considering is that if Nokia has a bad year based on the current economy, all the others to include Apple will suffer to some extent. People are not simply going to say: "Oh, I do not have as much money, I better go buy an iPhone instead of that Nokia I always wanted". The same people that would buy Nokia's no matter what are no different than the iPhone purchasers. Nokia will lose market share until they release their new phones which people are waiting...
Almost 2 years in with the iPhone and Apple is still "scared" of its shitty network coming to a standstill because of basic services that are enjoyed in other countries. First it was "rogue" applications that could crash the network and many people (no names mentioned) on this site actually bought in and even tried to defend Apple and AT&T only to find that they were duped. Now it is the stress and strain of using normal applications like streaming which are supposed to be...
Thought so. Well, my daughter now has an iPod Touch, and a Shuffle.
No worries. Off topic. Speaking of weird systems, do you know of anyone selling some type of adapter for the new iPod Shuffle? I have a pair of Shure SE 530's that I would rather use than the crappy ones that come with the iPod. Considering I got the iPod for free from Apple because my brand new MBP shit the bed, I have no problem with getting rid of it if I can not find an adapter so that I can use my better headphones.
Sorry dude. 110mb/s down and 5mb/s up. ADSL. I could have SDSL but I do not want to have to sell blood or a child so I stick with ADSL.
They might considering I do not have to pay for my Snow Leopard Seeds. Might be worth asking them.
I'm in Finland right now and get 110DL/5UL for $50, all you can eat. No limits.
You mean the browser that is prone to crashes and still can not visit some popular sites? This kind of enjoyment I can do without. The iPhone is a good to great device. It is miles away from being exceptional as are most phones on the market because they are all compromised. There is no one stop shopping phone out there that will meet everyones needs. The iPhone comes close sometimes if you do not require much in the way of telephony services. Nokia comes close if your...
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