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Considering that you are that only person to make mention of the fact that I am posting here again, I would say that you missed me. I guess you missed me owning you in post after post after post. I am happy to see that you are still taking up residence in Steve Jobs pants, mouth open and receptive. Typical of you. Unlike you, I could not care less if I was missed or not. I do not need the acceptance of others in this forum or any other to validate my existence. Since my...
Tried it with JoikuSpot (Nokia E71), and my iPhone. Skype thinks that it is connected to a wifi network while JoikuSpot does the heavy lifting via the 3G network. Sound quality is pretty good.
Agreed. Too bad there is no try before you buy option.
While I hardly agree with anything you post, I do have to say that there are far less useful apps than useful ones in the App Store but to call Skype the first useful app is a bit OTT and without merit.
Are we talking about the same things here. While I am not currently in other parts of Europe I can say with assurance that operators outside of the US are pushing data hard. Selling data plans with net PC's so your data theories are not making any sense. It seems that only the US operators are the ones hung up on data usage and trying to bilk their customers for as much as they can. I have an unlimited data plan with no caps, all the data I can eat. I can even cancel my...
I thought my point was made. Was it too complicated for you to understand? My original post was aimed at someone else and you jumped in the middle. Maybe you should go back and read then post for a position of understanding.
Let the tap dance music begin..... You still did not address the fact operators around the world are letting Skype, Gizmo5, Truphone, etc.... just run wild on their networks, so I would say that your argument it more along the Apple apologist/excuse making lines than based in anything actual. Also, your "facts" are based on the US where the rest of the world has been using data for years and years.
Other than AT&T, which operators are you talking about? Are the operators limiting Nokia, LG, Motorola, SonyEricsson from using VoIP apps? Survey says: NO!!! Typical spurious answer for a basic shortcoming.
Sure does. Took only a year to do something that is pretty basic. Is complaining about only being allowed to use wifi to make VoIP calls still allowed though?
Truphone's service is abysmal, and their service is even worse. Yes, they offer the ability to make calls via 3G when it works. The best thing SKype has going is Skype to go if you need to make calls to mobile or landlines. In fact we are implementing it in my organization as a way to call back to State in DC rather than making long distance mobile calls.
New Posts  All Forums: