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Spot on and not to mention that extra batteries are handed out with the handsets.
How about fib teller, or story embellisher, either way, he was not telling the truth. As I mentioned in my previous posts, personal devices are not allowed on gov't networks. EVER. I can not be more clearer than that. EVER ! To be granted access to even an unclass network, you have to sign docs, go to classes explaining that you will not put your personal device on the network and if you are in violation of this policy, you are subject to some nasty juju. Forgot to...
Hello my Fed employed brother. I am with State and I know for a fact that you are not allowed to put any private devices on a gov't network, not ever. EVER. So for him to say that he put his personal device on a gov't network to access gov't information, means: 1. He just created a insecurity. 2. He signed a document saying that he understood that he can not do this but did it anyway. Now he is breaking the law and is subject to punishment. States networks are pretty...
It will be interesting to see where corporations go to spend their money this summer when 3.0 is released and when Nokia releases the N97. On just the spec sheet alone, the N97 will simply blow the 3.0 version iPhone away as does the 5800XM. With the inclusion of Skype on the N97 desktop, and a host of enterprise features already standard, Apple will have to sweeten the pot. Most E and N series Nokia phones are BB capable via software installation which is a big advantage.
I find your entire story full of crap. I work for the US. Gov't, and what you are describing is completely forbidden. There is no way you are allowed to access your work emails via a personal phone. If you are using a gov't intranet, you have to use a FOB to generate a token, and you have to specify your browser type because the server checks the user agent. Did I mention that I work in the IT department? The word liar comes to mind. Go sell crazy somewhere else. No one...
I will be installing this weekend. Interested to see what progress has been made.
Wow. It was sort of ironic when I said I would go to bed and wake up and see what has happened. I wonder if Amazon was reading this thread. Anyway, I guess the crap will continue to hit the fan until people tell the record companies via a boycott that they are not going to take it anymore. $1.29 for just a digital file. No pictures, no lyrics, no digital book. Just a song. They are insane.
I never said they loved Amazon, but they hated Steve Jobs and Apple. Sometimes things are simply done for personal reasons. Time will tell. In my part of the world it is night so tomorrow when I wake up we will see if suddenly Amazon tunes are now higher priced. Either way, I could not care less. If a song is $1.69 or $10.69, or $169.00 and I want it, I will simply buy it. Luckily I can usually afford what I want to purchase. It is about the record companies pushing crap...
Some of us are enjoying it now, but I would not count on summer. Maybe Aug, but more likely end of Sept.
I doubt it as Amazon is not nearly as large a threat nor as arrogant as Steve-o. Sometimes you reap what you sow. Anyone with half a brain knew that this was not going to last forever, and I am sure that Apple is getting a larger slice of the newly price increased pie.
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