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The Garden State Plaza store is really small. Most times you can't even get in the door. They need more space. Glad to hear this.
Never thought it would really happen. Miss you already. Rest in peace. Great man.
I bought one. 27 inch quad core I5 to replace my white plastic first intel iMac which can't run Lion. Loving it.
Just saw this on Fox business. Oh my!
Before all the fist pumping for AT&T gets out of hand, let me say I'm grateful Apple went multi carrier and gave people the choice of the best carrier in their area. iCloud is going to be pretty useless if you don't have a signal. And no carrier is everywhere.
I probably will. At $299 it is the same price as Final Cut Express so why not.
Cripes. This thread is on it's way to madness. I thought it might be safe to read the only non iOS thread in many moons and get some insight in whether I, a non professional, should try this thing. Instead we have the usual rudeness and bickering. Oh well, back to exile. I'll peek in when the new Mac Pro's come out. Maybe we can fight about Blu Ray?
I'm sure Apple agrees with you. What a darn shame.
Oh boy. This should be good.
Okay, I'll bite. If apple wants to improve the display for outside viewing then get rid of the gawd awful gloss. I know. I'm totally wrong on this matter.
New Posts  All Forums: