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Is there any difference between the $199 version and the $79.99 version??
Why is it that it costs $199.00 to have Aperture preinstalled when you can buy it from the App store for $79.99??
I'm in the market to replace my iMac which is the first Intel version. It had half a gig of memory and ran tiger and iMovie HD just fine. Leopard ran fine also. But it has struggled with Snow Leopard and I wouldn't think of running Lion on it. I too wish there were a Matte screen option, but they seem to have come a long way from the first aluminum iMac which apparently had issues of color change when viewed from different angles. They have made improvements with...
So what is my email address going to be now? So-and-so@cloud.com??
Get all that software just right for the new iMac's on Tuesday!
Damn! I should have waited!
It's one of those things that happen to other people. Kinda like those colds and flus that PC's get. I'm truly grateful Verizon finally got the iPhone. Had they not there would be no competition after AT&T gobbles up T-Mobile, and the successor to Ma Bell would once again become the monopoly. That would be terrific for shareholders but horrible for end users. As far as the voice and data deal breaker, I'm sure Verizon will fix this. I agree it's a bother sometimes,...
Worst thread ever. You guys have come so far away from talking about Macs they should rename this site Apple-Squabbler.
Any word on battery life?
I was just driving down RT 17 North in Carlstadt where there are two large billboards. One for T-Mobile hawking their 4-G network followed by an AT&T billboard asking me to "rethink possible." I guess the merger will save the company on advertising with two billboards. SOOOO glad I have a viPhone!!
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