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My Apple store used to sell Canon DV camcorders, back in the day.
Scotty gave the formula for transparent aluminum to Dr. Nichols who gets the credit. But who really invented it? Hmmm
Hey! I'm an Apple fansboy!
Available on Verizon! Yayyyy
Go Steve!
Does anyone know what is involved in setting up a 4G network? Do they have to replace the transmitters on the towers with new ones or is there more? At least this shouldn't be an issue getting permission to add new towers like in the past, right?
People now have a choice to use the carrier that best for them. That's the important thing. I'm sure Apple and Verizon and AT&T will all make a lot of money so everybody wins. It should have been this way from the start. Even better, open the iPhone to all carriers and let everybody enjoy this amazing device.
Just curious. What new feature is the iPhone 5 supposed to have that is worth waiting for? The display has more resolution then humans can perceive. Is it 1080P video? Better camera? More storage? Apple is pretty good at reinventing the wheel every now and again, but what hot new feature is rumored to be forthcoming that is worth holding out for? I'm getting the viPhone 4 right now because it has one terrific new feature. The ability to make phone calls.
Really? I thought any stock that makes money would be something to care about.
Or maybe the media is putting their usual spin on things to whip up support for shareholders. If the viPhone is a hot seller, buy Verizon stock. If the turnout is lame, go back to AT&T stock. As for me, I could care less that the rest of the world does. I got mine and I'm delighted. Thanks Steve, get well soon.
New Posts  All Forums: