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I can explain it most simply to you. If you live and work in an area with little or no ATT coverage then Verizon is your best option, warts and all. It's really that basic. It really has nothing to do with being a fanboy. I don't believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, that there is such a thing as a Verizon fanboy, or any other kind of wireless carrier appreciation fan base. There are Star Trek fans, football fans, railroad fans, cooling fans, but I don't think there...
A white iPhone would make possible hardshell cases in different colors.
To everyone who said it wouldn't happen... To everyone who said it couldn't happen To everyone who said it shouldn't happen... I have one word for you... HA! About damn time Apple.
At last. Now I can get my iPhone back that I abandoned last summer. I have been using a Verizon "dumbphone" and an iPod classic ever since. Ditching my 3G was like loosing a limb!I predict that Verizon will give iPhone customers nearly anything to get you to switch, including eating the ATT termination fee. Anyone remember the old ATT commercials from the 80's after the breakup of the phone company? Their tag line was "come back for free." I hope Verizon takes a page...
Garageband is bloat??? I use it every day of my life! Reload it and give it another try!
Well, since Motorola probably copied the iPhone when they made their phone, it would still be Apple's fault. Blast you Apple!
I had a black hard plastic case, can't remember who made it. On the three occasions I dropped my 3G phone, the case came apart and the naked phone jumped out onto the floor. Can't recommend it really. Hope Apple buys me a nice case. I'm using the Apple sock right now. All I could get. A phone made of glass really needs a case.
There is no cash register at the Garden State Mall store. There used to be but they took them out and now use that area for personal training. To check out you have to get an employee with an iPad.
Totally agree. Upgrading my 3G to IOS4 made it as worthless at everything else as it is for making phone calls. Alas my contract was up yesterday and I cancelled my account so it doesn't matter anymore. Sad end to my two years of iPhone experience. Agree if Apple doesn't act, this will be their Vista moment.Are you referring to that half baked procedure in MacWorld magazine which even they said doesn't always work? Okay, I'll give it a whirl. We'll see if it really...
Off topic a bit, but just an observation. If anyone is in my boat and their iPhone 3G contract just expired, and you're thinking of buying an iPhone 4, take heed! If you order a iPhone 4 with the iPhone App, it bangs you the 18.00 upgrade fee, but if you do it on a real Mac, the fee is waved. Go figure.
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