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Considering the attitude of the community here for the most part as well as robust sales, I'm sure most people wont mind it if their smartphone can't make phone calls. All Steve has to do is crank up the reality distortion field and everything will be fine. All you stock holders can relax. Some good news for you. Today is the very last day of my AT&T two year agreement and I'm out. I strongly believe that one shouldn't post here unless they actually own the product...
Okay, we're going with "it just doesn't matter." Thanks. I just needed the official line. As someone who totes a MacBook around at work, I am expected to answer for the company.
Apple sells millions of iPhone 4's and Johnny Ive is a brilliant designer. I see the world has indeed "moved on" from the antenna issue. Just curious, how did we end up dismissing it? It didn't really happen or it just doesn't matter? Anybody catch the article over at 9 to 5 Mac about an iP4 catching on fire?
I think it's just wonderful that Apple and AT&T are working together on this endevour. Personally I wish they would work together and fix their network so I could make a plain old telephone call...
I wish someone would throttle AT&T.
And another thread has descended into madness. Perhaps the good people at Apple Insider could have worked through the holiday weekend and gave us more stories to fight about. The two day drought seems to have given some here a lot of pent up frustrations.
The original post said it was a mistake on Apple's part to lock into AT&T "for so long" and I agree. I'm sure Verizon was kicking themselves after the first month, saying "that could have been us!" Apple and Verizon could have kissed and made up after the second or third year, but now going on four years is bad for consumers who don't have coverage with ATT. Verizon has their own copycat iPhone and doesn't have to play with Apple now. I don't know what goes on behind...
Tried to upload a picture but I don't seem to have the knack.
If the company is in New York the bumpers ain't gonna fix the problem. It's the network.
WHAT??? Better re-read some of the five hundred or so posts from yesterday. Many here screamed there was no problem with their iP4 so there were no problems with anyones. A typical post for this forum I might add. But I digress. I don't have an iP4 so I'm not supposed to comment. Just forget what I said.
New Posts  All Forums: