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I hope Apple doesn't get into the Netbook business and here is why: When the Macbook Air came out all people did was complain about what it couldn't do and what components it did not have. If Apple does a netbook everyone will complain that it can't do everything a Macbook Pro can do in a ten inch form factor. As far as market share is concerned, if you are with Apple as an investor, you are concerned. If you are with Apple for the experience, you want OS X to have...
I dropped three calls today with a full five bars of 3G.
Get well soon!
To me, time is money, and I won't waste either on Windows ever again.[/QUOTE] Agreed. Before I switched I spent more time troubleshooting than getting any work done. Not the case with OS X.
No one in the real world will care if the ad is a fake. The truth is this ad just says what the uninformed everyman already perceives about the Mac. At work whenever I hear someone say they are thinking about getting a new computer, I suggest they might consider a Mac. They invariably wrinkle their nose and say, "They're too expensive.
So go ahead and buy a PC with an bloatware laden disc image of Windows from HP. I have a Pavilion PC and it is an awful user experience. I would never again buy a computer that doesn't even come with a copy of the operating system. And from what I have read, she will need every bit of RAM to run Vista. There won't be much left over to do anything. How come they didn't film any scenes within the Apple Store? It was just an exterior shot!
I have one and would like to see a thing to go over the top of the ear. I'm always afraid I'm going to loose that thing and not realize it. I would also prefer a soft replaceable ear bud like my old Jabra had.
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