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Hope they keep the classic. Love the storage capacity.
Wow. A software fix for a situation that half the community here said didn't even exist. And I thought you guys knew everything!
The New York Post ran a story yesterday saying a vPhone would be out in January. Take it for what it's worth. Verizon, please shit or get off the pot. If you wait much longer, ATT will have fixed their network and no one will give a darn anymore.
Incredible. Absolutely incredible.
usa!! Usa!! Usa!!
Wow. I didn't know there was such a thing as AI forum police. Do you have a little Apple Insider badge too? By the way, those are not nice words for one member of the Apple cult to say to another.
Dear Verizon: You have a great network. And I would love to have an iPhone that could make phone calls. But please! Shit or get off the pot. Thank you for your attention.
Could be aimed at fence sitters, but should have happened before the launch weekend.
Classic Kool Aid logic.
Omg! Steve jobs does steer the Internet. Okay, go ahead and kill flash. I don't give a s::t anymore. No apple tv integration?
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