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Wait a minute! Someone tells that joke every day and someone always posts a smiley face and says it made their day. When I tell it I bomb! Is it my delivery??
Actually I am stuck with my 3g for a few more weeks, then I will be a free agent. And while it may be off topic, may I say that updating to iOS4 has made my 3G as useless in every way as it is for making phone calls. An inglorious end to my first iPhone experience. I went to the Apple store in Wayne NJ sunday and beheld the new iPhone 4. I compared the screen to mine and it was quite a blow away experience. It is with great regret that I cannot continue with an...
Okay. Not very nice, but if that's what you would like me to do then I shall do so. Have a very pleasant day Ireland.
The issue is that you can't make calls. Different reason, same result. That is nothing new for some. Now it affects many. Welcome to the party. Sucks doesn't it? That's the point.
Totally agree.
Omg! That is such a funny joke! Please keep telling it.
So long as you are complaining. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting better.
I admitted as much in my post. But the end result is the same so I think it's fair.
The level of denial here is amazing. How much would Apple have to screw up before you all stop defending them? For two years I have had terrible audio quality and dropped calls on my 3G. Yet the iPhone flies off the shelves and the community here makes excuse after excuse for Apple and ATT. "We don't need to make phone calls. We don't need Verizon." Now that everyone is dropping calls (granted for different reasons) all of a sudden this is so unacceptable...
My post is on topic. The iPhone 4 is not a "hit" if you can't make calls. But I digress to your point of view. Sorry to be out if line here.
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