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Hey, I didn't make up the rumor, I just read it here at the temple of all Apple knowledge. It was rumored to happen today. I would have thought that Apple would want a solution out as quickly as possible, perhaps before most people realized there was a problem. And before anyone says there is no problem with the iPhone 4, may I remind everyone that there were 532 comments this weekend on the Vulcan Death Grip article posted at AI. And there is even an article in...
As far as I know, the only thing apple said was "talk to the hand." Doesn't matter who said it. I was just commenting that it didn't happen. It seemed very important to a lot of people yesterday. Just wondering how everybody feels about it today now that the cash has started to tumble in.
Well, since everyone is so happy I guess we can forget all about the software update that didn't happen today.
This community never fails to crack me up. No flash on the iPhone? If Apple doesn't want me to have it, I don't want it. At first no mms. Ah, who wants it. No tethering for three years? Nope, didn't want that either. AT&T exclusive carrier and there is poor coverage? I didn't want to make phone calls anyway. This one is the best. My calls drop when I use my left hand. Steve Jobs says, "Don't hold it that way." Well, if Apple doesn't want me to use...
I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'll wait until the lines go down at the Apple store first. Too bad I can't get one. With the network coverage in my area there would be no point. But I'm sure the "call failed" message looks beautiful in hi def.
Good one!
What's his address??
Oh no. Use duct tape. You can fix anything with duct tape.
It sure is! I almost bought one myself. Then I dropped 5 calls on my 3G and remembered why I must go back to Verizon. Sorry Steve.
Now I'm glad Verizon didn't get the iPhone 4 cause I would have bought one. Hopefully next year the vIphone 5 will have this problem corrected. Would Apple have had to put the antenna on the outside if ATT didn't have a crappy network?
New Posts  All Forums: