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That's where I got my 3G last year. Took me over four hours, but that was the only way to get one at that time. We must be neighbors. I want to see the new baby, but will wait a few weeks for everything to calm down.
I see the yellow blotch. It's on the guys teeth.
Apple is Doooomed! Seriously, I'm sorry to hear some are having issues. Hope it gets fixed soon. I get no pleasure seeing apple have problems. Only AT&T.
[QUOTE=geekdad;1659293]If the smartphone existed at the time, Nasa could have faked the moon landing and shot it in HD on their iPhone 4. Too bad they didn't have iPhones in the seventies. Or did they???
It's time for some FaceTime!
Ah, another thread that has descended into madness. Two points worth repeating here. No one is advocating dumping ATT for Verizon. All Walt Mossberg (and I) said was spread the load over multiple carriers. Then everyone can pick the carrier that is best for them. No one in their right mind would be against this freedom of choice and it would be great for consumers. The only ones who might (probably) get hurt are ATT stockholders. Second, we need to stop making...
Too bad most of them went through hell trying to get through on AT&T network.
Did I say that?
Steve probably uses a prototype Verizon iPhone. I guarantee that if he dropped ten calls a day and couldn't get on line heads would be rolling like tumble weeds. Keep the heat on AT&T. The more they trip over their dicks, the better it will be for consumers.
A lot of businesses no longer have pay phones. What are you supposed to do? Knock on someones door and say"excuse me, my smartphone can't make a phone call, can I use your phone?" While I'm at it, think I'll ask for a glass of kool Aid to remind myself that I just love my iPhone and my network.
New Posts  All Forums: