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I have an issue I am hoping all you very nice & much more knowledgeable folks can help me with. I never got into the back workings of my system, that is why I have a Mac- it just works (most of the time)   I am running OS 10.8 on a older Uni-body Macbook (not pro)- not sure if that is even relevant. Anyway, I was downloading some files & the system locked up. I rebooted & now it puts empty icons on my desktop. They are for the files I was downloading when it crashed....
Thank you, That is the info I needed.
I think my query should have been here, but it is here instead, http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=96638 Please check it out & help me out! Thanks.
I did a search, briefly, & did not find what I was after. I have a late '06 MacBook, 2GHz & 2GB ram. I am also looking to buy a second one for the wife, maybe a new white or a refurb uni. I am looking to upgrade the HDD & maybe memory on both. I have seen posts where the Aluminum iMac recognized a 1.5TB drive. When I search for "MacBook" drives the biggest I get is 500GB. Is this the biggest it will recognize? I was hoping to put at least a 1TB into the new one, as...
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