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I have a windows phone, (supplied by and for work). There isn't a single office app, be it mail, calendar, Word, Lync etc etc that is better on Windows Phone than on iOS, especially now we have proper Outlook. Weird situation. It won't even connect to our corporate certificate based wifi, unlike my iPhone. Makes you wonder how long Win Mobile has left, if they can't prioritise it to be the platform of choice for their own apps.
Me also, and this is exactly what I have, 4 folders in the tray with my everyday apps in them, everything else from Page 2 onwards.  I starting doing this last year with iOS7, so it's certainly not new in 8 and likely has been around for longer as you say.  It's nothing to do with minimalism, I like to look at the wallpaper I chose when I unlock my phone, and I change it a lot.  It's like having a picture of your kids in your wallet, sort of thing.
Doesn't work at "apple.com", humorously.
"I'd better" had I? Again, this is a discussion forum, not a court of law. I do not have to encapsulate the entirety of each post into a single self contained statement showing my sources and workings out. The discussion has already provided reasons why what I mentioned may prove to be possible, anyone reading the thread and contributing in the spirit of discussion would accept that, but not you, you're the judge and jury.
My suspicion != Telling you what will happen. It may have escaped your attention that this is a "rumour" site, therefore any and all are free to think out loud as things that may, or may not, happen in the future.  It was just my opinion. You know, those things that we all have that often differ, yeah? I note you have no caustic response to my comment that you are essentially picking arguments for fun.  Perhaps that's one opinion that is hard to argue against...
 You know, you must deliberately go out of your way to read things in the way that most enables you to pick some fault with it.  You really are the worst person on these forums. 'Tick Tock' Refers to a pendulum or similar, or for the purposes of using it in a metaphore anything which does one thing and then another before repeating.  In the case of Intel, this is major redesign, refinement of design, repeat.  In my comment, it was my "suspicion" that they might do a...
Someone's dialled up to 11! I'm just saying I'm enjoying the above, it's funny stuff, but I don't think Apple and Samsung are done yet.
Apple are covering their back here, no only do you have to turn Full Access on, but even when you do they put the fear of God into you th the next warning, where you then have to choose 'Allow' a secondary time in a modal notification. This is why it's never been allowed before now, it's a security minefield. The only replacement keyboard I am interested in is one identical to the Apple one but with Shift fixed and case sensitive keys, no learning, no prefs syncing, just...
Very amusing posts above, though I suspect that much like Intel there is a firm of 'Tick Tock' going on, and we'll see Samsung back for the 6S. I believe only Samsung have the 14nm fab capabilities at present. A lot can change in a year tho. I'll take the mocking at present, it kinda feels good in the short term
Maybe it's just teething problems, but if it's really just syncing prefs and such like they say (and I am sure that this is 99% accurate), why could I not get either SwiftKey or Fleksy to even display the keyboards until I turned on full access?  Surely if it's an option, it's optional, but in both cases when I enabled the keyboards without full access to them, and then switched to them in a notes app, the keyboards simply failed to show anything onscreen, not even the...
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