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Because we might have had it when there were no 2nd hand phones around, so every iPhone was essentially new and from an official carrier, but these days there is a huge gamut of older phones, and phones left over after upgrades etc that can be recommissioned cheaply using unofficial 'virtual' carriers who don't get access to all the Apple sanctioned nice bits like Visual Voicemail and Official Tethering etc. I get unlimited internet and texts plus a large bundle of calls...
@dennyc2013 with a demographic containng hundreds of millions of users, getting 12 apps that everyone would appreciate is difficult. I count on hoping that 1 or 2 might be interesting to me, and typically there's a game that provides some free amusement for a couple of hours, and something for the kids (last year were some great Toy Story shorts which are still being watched now). It's free, and it's a gift - allowing us to choose our own would a) create all sorts of...
You know, you are probably *both right*, given that the patent scenario is likely correct (I'm sure they have the most, probably not all, and don't forget that patents show methods of achieving an end result, not the end result, so they don't own the patent on pressure sensitivity, just the best methods to achieve it), and the fact that the app is certainly written using speed of touch/movement algorithms and would also need a rewrite to adopt a new input paradigm.
Kudos for running the story regardless?  Could have ignored the report.
Both could be right. We know that a sale to Samsung is a device available to be bought in the channel.
It's worth noting that the "simple procedure" that can be used to resolve this (I have used it, and it worked for me) also results in the loss of all stored WiFi passwords which isn't ideal.
I'm a mod on a Stack Exchange website, and I get notifications of all sorts of things regularly.  At the moment I use a bizarre and awkward combination of RSS feeds, IFTTT and Boxcar to send me stuff that is now notifiable via a system wide resource (should SE choose to implement it).  Sounds good to me.
 So what you are essentially saying here, is that for each website you use, taking this one as an example, you would rather download and install and use a separate native app that handles notifications independently of a single system wide resource, and that because this is your particular poison then no-one else should have the ability to do this in a slightly less bloated manner...? I'd hate to see your iPhone home screen. As for your poor mother, well as already...
 You need to read the rest of the comments before adding your own.
I can't see the point of him being at both, anyone interested who can speak English will have caught up on a streamed version of the US event before the China event, but it will be interesting* to see how the event will be presented, given that this has always been a major part of any keynote or press event. I suspect that we will either see Tim present over video, using Chinese slides, with a translator or possibly with a tight script and subtitles, or that he will make...
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