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Maybe it's just teething problems, but if it's really just syncing prefs and such like they say (and I am sure that this is 99% accurate), why could I not get either SwiftKey or Fleksy to even display the keyboards until I turned on full access?  Surely if it's an option, it's optional, but in both cases when I enabled the keyboards without full access to them, and then switched to them in a notes app, the keyboards simply failed to show anything onscreen, not even the...
Just tried SwiftKey and Fleksy.  Neither would work until I gave them full access.  Subsequently removing this access prevented them working again.  Both removed, my foray into the world of replaceable keyboards is done.  
removed - wrong thread
Charging via stray wifi waves etc, passive use of the potential in the wavelengths that constantly surround us - it's the holy grail of mobile tech, and surely the next revolution waiting to happen. In our lifetimes, probably. This decade? Hmmm
Why is everyone who is disappointed a troll?
Does your current watch have layers of tech already under the screen, touch digitisers, pressure sensors, back lights etc? Where does the solar but go? At the bottom? The middle? Maybe it's difficult, no? Also, what's the power draw of your watch in MaH out of its tiny watch battery? Maybe a thousandth of the one in here? How long would it power a smart watch for, 1 minute?
Surely it's what it does that is of primary importance. Having a revolutionary form factor just to look different isn't a great idea. iPod may have looked totally different to it's predecessors, but even the oldest MP3 player wasn't more than a decade old, and when you get down to brass tacks it's not like it was utterly unrecognisable when measured against it's peers. Watched have had hundreds if years on our wrists, and thousands of design iterations in the past. It's...
I have a round faced analogue watch that sits in a rectangular body. I've a digital watch in the shape of a PowerPuff girls head. I've a tiny oval watch in a silicone band, I've a Garmin watch that is an order of magnitude uglier, larger which still has less than a days battery. Some tell the time, some connect to external sensors, some show maps. They are all watch shaped.
There are 18 iphone 6 SKUs, and a further 14 iphone 5 variants. It's nothing new.Also the sports version isn't just different straps, it's aluminium not steel, and someone (I've not noted this but assume it's right) said the glass was not sapphire but from Corning.
Don't see how it's Apple Pay compatible if there is no Touch ID on the phone. I suppose you would have to fiddle around in your pants with one hand and wave your other one around in front of the sensor.
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