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  For the same reason people buy cheaper Android phones instead of iPhones: price.
  This may sound strange, but I actually don't want Apple to have the biggest market share.
  There are unsold Android phones sitting on store shelves or in warehouses that will never receive another OS update.   No, the iPhone 4 will not be able to use ALL of the features of iOS 7, but how many 3-year-old Android phones will receive an OS update of ANY kind?   This is one of the many reasons I decided to finally get an iPhone 5 a couple weeks ago. Apple products provide lasting value and usefulness. I wish I had gotten one sooner.
  I look forward to reading your posts. :) Sending good vibes your way.
If he were white and used the "n word", he'd be out of office now. That's the double standard.
Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights   Here we have an elected official using a racial slur. Will there be an outcry from the mainstream media with 24/7 coverage? Will he be asked to resign? Will he even be asked to apologize? Doubtful on all counts. Why? Because apparently only certain types of racial slurs are unacceptable. The double-standard is blatantly obvious.
It's obvious this is no longer specifically about TM or GZ, but about using them to promote various political and social agendas. It's also being used as a deliberate distraction from more important issues that need our attention.
  If only progressive Democrats had been running things.   Oh, wait...
  From the article:     Costs may fall in New York, but they may rise elsewhere.
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