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  If only progressive Democrats had been running things.   Oh, wait...
  From the article:     Costs may fall in New York, but they may rise elsewhere.
This is quite impressive, considering Apple doesn't really market the Apple TV anywhere but its own website.
What I am having difficulty understanding is why, when a non-black man shoots and kills a black teen in self defense, there are cries of racism and there are protests and riots and death threats and 24-hour media coverage of the trial and prominent celebrities, politicians, and pundits all weighing in.   Yet when a black teen shoots a 13-month-old white baby in the face, killing him in a botched robbery attempt, we hear virtually nothing about it beyond an obligatory...
  He has experiences and opinions different from yours, therefore he has an agenda and is "hopelessly biased"?
The Truth About SwedenCare
One of the better editorials I've read in quite some time. A great read with spot-on analysis. Thanks!
  Your opinion is noted. I think you've hijacked the thread long enough.
Evidence, not consensus, is what counts
  Obviously they do bother you. Otherwise you wouldn't be going out of your way to call my posts "dumb" and accuse me of "trolling". Are you done, yet?
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