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With the freedom to be good and benevolent inevitably comes the freedom to be a selfish jerk. The point is, you have freedom of choice. This is called liberty.   When you forcibly remove the freedom to be a selfish jerk, you also remove the freedom to be good and benevolent. You remove the freedom to choose altogether. This is called slavery.
  You have no moral high ground to stand on, here.   You have to lie about those who disagree with you - claiming they all "want us to let the poor people starve to death" - to make yourself feel better about supporting a regime that detains people indefinitely or executes them without due process.   It's rather sad.
Gitmo prisoner: ‘We all died when Obama indefinitely detained us’   How many of you even knew there was a hunger strike going on in Gitmo right now?
60 Completely Outrageous Ways The U.S. Government Is Wasting Money  
  Then why do you want to limit gun ownership and use to government?
  And it started when the British government attempted to seize stockpiles of weapons from the colonists. The aggressor was the government, not the people.
  You didn't answer my question.   Why do you believe arms are dangerous in the hands of "ordinary" people, but not people who work for the government?
More hyperbole:   Biden: Gabby Giffords 'Was Shot and Mortally Wounded'
I'm still trying to understand how those who believe guns are so dangerous and people cannot be trusted with them can possibly think it's a good idea to limit their ownership and use ONLY to people who happen to work for the government.   What is it about working for the government that suddenly makes guns not dangerous and people trustworthy and competent with them?
  So the guns took control of these partners through some form of mind control and forced them to shoot the women?     Are guns sprouting legs, roaming the streets, and seeking out women to shoot?     The fact is these are inanimate objects and they, in and of themselves, do not kill or harm anyone.
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