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  Because he obviously hates little children and puppies.
  It's a good thing Obama has ended the wars, closed Gitmo, and not started any other conflicts.   Oh, wait...
  They also hate little children and puppies.
  Raise the debt limit and print more money. Problem exacerbated...er, solved.
  The free expression and sharing of ideas is indeed "evil" to authoritarians.
  I believe Ryan budget does nothing to address the fundamental problems. So of course it concerns me. But Obama has clearly done nothing to address the fundamental problems either, and you conveniently blame it on his predecessor (who also did nothing to address the fundamental problems).   You lament that the rich will become richer and the poor have become poorer under the Ryan budget, yet that very thing has happened under Obama and he gets a free pass. It makes...
  And suddenly you're concerned about adding to the deficit? After trillions have been added to it under Obama?
Wind farms will create more carbon dioxide, say scientists    
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