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  I assure you more children and kittens have been killed at the hands of the State than anyone else. This is why I am so distrusting of them.   I can understand why you would want to end the conversation.
  I believe the government should not be able to do anything you or I cannot do.
  What it comes down to is whether or not you trust the government. I do not.
  You mean the government tells us they have a device and that they have evidence. Like George W. Bush told us they had evidence of WMDs in Iraq to justify attacking and invading them?
  You'll have to make your scenario more specific. Are they in the process of assembling an IND or have they already assembled it? Have they threatened anyone? How many of them are there? Where, exactly, are they located? What evidence do we have against them? Who has seen and reviewed this evidence? Is it credible? Are there other people with or near the suspects who might be harmed in a drone attack? Have attempts already been made to apprehend the suspects?
  If somebody is shooting at you or threatening to shoot you and wildly pointing a gun at everyone, then of course you have the right to defend yourself, whether or not you're a police officer. Obviously in that situation it is unlikely the shooter will be disarmed and apprehended before harming another person, so the use of lethal force is justified.   In your suggested scenario, the threat is not as imminent, wouldn't you agree? If there is the possibility of preserving...
  Law enforcement does not (or should not) have the authority to try, convict, and sentence anyone. That is the difference.
  Why do you hate little children and kittens?
  Your subtle claim that I am an extremist notwithstanding, is it not important to consider all the possibilities - even those considered "extreme"?   I believe your police office example is different from the president claiming the authority to be the judge, jury, and executioner.   In the police example, the officer is clearly defending himself from a threat that anyone could see.   The POTUS is claiming the authority to arbitrarily deem someone an "imminent threat",...
Rand Paul’s Filibuster Divides the Left and Right    
New Posts  All Forums: