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Truth is treason in an empire of lies.
  Thank you for your opinion.
  I suppose it's a matter of interpretation. He declared that anyone who didn't arrive at the same conclusions as him was naive and ignorant. And, since he was conversing with me, the implication was obvious.
  I am done because of your condescending tone and continued engagement in straw man fallacies and argumentum ad hominem. If you want to claim it's because I cannot answer, go right ahead.   Hopefully others with open minds will think about some of the things I've said and realize that - to paraphrase Bastiat - life, liberty, and property do not exist because men made laws. On the contrary, men made laws because those things existed in the first place.
  No, not a word of comment on any of your other points.   You make such a statement ("I just cannot conceive of the level of naivety and ignorance of history necessary to imagine any other outcome") and I'm the one engaging in argumentum ad hominem? I'm the one who doesn't want a discussion?   We can converse until we're blue in the face (we've probably arrived at that point), but if you process everything I say and everything you read through the mindset reflected in...
  If that is the mindset with which you approach your study of libertarianism or any other philosophies different from your own, I dare say you will not get much out of your studies.
  You seem to think that I want to use services without having to pay for them. This is not true. I want to pay only for the services I use - and I want the freedom to choose from more than one provider.   You claim I want to steal - that I am being dishonest by not wanting the government to tax me for services I don't use. Your claim would be valid only if I had the opportunity to consent - to opt-in - to this system. I had no such opportunity.   What makes government...
  Money is taken from us  - under threat of violence - to fund these services and other actions whether we use or approve of them or not. Consent is not involved.   If I homeschool my children, am I exempt from paying taxes that fund public schools? No.   If I intend to plan and provide for my own retirement income, am I exempt from paying Social Security taxes? No.   Also, that the government has a monopoly on the provision of some of those services does not imply my...
  Please show me the contract I signed consenting to the provision these services by the government.   Do you really consider Rothbard's perspective to be what all libertarians believe? I certainly don't agree with everything Rothbard ever wrote or said.   I suggest you next read The Machinery of Freedom by David Friedman for a different perspective on libertarianism.
  I suppose it depends on how you look at it. Do you consider someone forced to pay taxes under threat of violence a "willing participant" because he prefers to let his money be taken rather than have that violence used against him? Do you consider someone a "willing participant" because he does not have the money and time necessary to expatriate from the country of his birth, or because does not want to leave the company of his dear family and friends?         That quote...
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