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  Your opinion is noted. Now will you or will you not admit that the comment you made - about me not being opposed to any "non-governmental" person or group of people forcing others to conform to their beliefs - was utterly false?
  I don't believe I was asking anything. I made a statement that you obviously disagree with. It happens.   It's understandable that you would expect government growth to be necessary and good, as you believe government itself is necessary and good.   I, however, do not believe institutionalized violence and plunder is necessary. Quite the opposite, in fact.
  Um, because the conversation was about government.   Why have you ignored my frequent mention of my belief in the non-aggression principle?   And my frequent assertions that government should not be allowed to do anything an individual is not allowed to do?   So that there can be no future misunderstanding of my position: I am opposed to any person or group of people - whether they call themselves a government or not - forcing others to conform to their beliefs....
  But these aren't spending cuts. They're reductions in future spending increases. Totally not the same thing.
  -- Jeffrey Tucker
  Why does it not follow? Government has the power to dictate who you can and cannot marry, take your property from you and give it to another, etc., and that power is being used by some individuals to oppress other individuals. Strip the government of that power and it can no longer be used in such a fashion.   Some have speculated that the Articles of Confederation were replaced by the Constitution because the former worked all too well at decentralizing government and...
  I'm opposed to any person or group of people - religious or not - using government to force others to conform to their beliefs. The only way to mitigate this is to reduce the size and scope of government so that it cannot be used for such purposes.
  Whatever you say, jimmy! 
  Tell it like it is, jimmy! 
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