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  Your opinion is noted. I think you've hijacked the thread long enough.
Evidence, not consensus, is what counts
  Obviously they do bother you. Otherwise you wouldn't be going out of your way to call my posts "dumb" and accuse me of "trolling". Are you done, yet?
  If my posts bother you so much, why don't you put me on your ignore list?
  So you agree with his graph and pie chart and don't like my snide remark. Noted.
  It's interesting that you are asserting the burden of proof is on me when he cited no sources. I could just as easily craft or procure a graph and a pie chart that asserted something completely different.   What is obvious to me is that you agree with him. Otherwise you'd be picking on him instead of me.
  He brought just as much to the debate as my "sarcastic and trite dismissal", he just included a graph and a pie chart.
  Oh look, a graph and a pie chart. You must be right.
Weather is not climate.
  History shows that it's the government's guns we should be worried about.
New Posts  All Forums: