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  In my opinion, the "gold standard" for any foundation of government is the Declaration of Independence. If you compare what we have today with the principles set forth in that document, it's plainly obvious that what we currently have is systemized plunder under the guise of representative government. Government derives its power from the consent of the governed, and when you take consent out of the picture, it is invalid and despotic.   For example, I do not consent to...
  Stop putting words in my mouth.
  And under what authority or standards is anyone bound to a business transaction that they did not implicitly consent to?
  Please quote me where I said that. Oh, wait. I didn't.
  Whatever you say, jimmac. 
  Quote me where I said that. Oh, wait. I didn't.
  Whatever you say, jimmac. 
  Actually, absent institutionalized plunder and violence, I think we'd enjoy the greatest period of abundance and prosperity the world has ever known.
  Let me simplify my question:   Let's use a specific example that most people would agree would be "wrong" and "immoral": stealing.   It's wrong for me to go to the corner convenience store and take a candy bar without paying for it, agreed?   Do you believe it is any less "wrong" or "immoral" for a group of individuals acting together to engage in stealing when it is almost universally considered "wrong" and "immoral" for an individual to do so? Why or why not?
  Libertarians seldom define what is right or moral? You apparently have some reading to do. The non-aggression principle is a good place to start.   And he didn't ask a question, he made a statement, which I responded to with a question...which you apparently don't want to answer.   Irony, indeed.
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