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  The silence from the PO Obama supporters on this matter is deafening.
  Cue the cries of "if you don't like it then leave".    But seriously, who would build the roads? 
  Oh, look. Another "my team is better than your team" post.   This mentality is the real problem. Until people stop getting wrapped up in the contrived 2 party false dilemma, things will never really improve.
I put together this dual axis chart showing population as compared to violent crime in the U.S. from 1990 to 2010:           Population values are on the left vertical axis, violent crime values are on the right vertical axis.   Source: http://www.ucrdatatool.gov/
Kids in the car are 12 times more distracting than cell phones
Study: Despite drop in gun crime, 56% think it's worse  
Suffer the children: 1 in 4 UK kids to live in poverty by 2020
Poll: Obamacare Support Slumps to 35%, and 42% don't even know it's the law of the land
  I really don't know why I keep coming back here.
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