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  I don't speak for MJ, and neither do you.
Is this thread for real?
I'm opposed to government making gun ownership mandatory for the same reason I'm opposed to the government making health insurance mandatory.
  If you pay taxes to avoid jail, you are not paying them voluntarily.   If someone steals your car from you at gunpoint and then uses that car to commit a crime, are you responsible for that crime?
The State took her money under threat of violence. Why is it hypocritical of her to try to get some of that money back?
  Yes, it was.
  Thanks for the clarification.   I can't speak for MJ, but we do agree on many key issues. I think we have been pretty consistent in our criticism of both Democrats and Republicans. Perhaps the instances of criticism of Democrats outnumber those of Republicans, but I think that is likely due to the fact that the Democrats are in control of the Executive branch of government, as well as the Senate. They are the dominant party in government right now. They have the power...
  Sorry, I thought it would be helpful to know what your definition of "left" and "right" are. No need to be condescending.
  Define "right".
  Here you go.
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