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  Ignoring the documents upon which the country was founded has been done in some form or fashion by the government almost from day one.
  Oh, it's true, it's just been ignored.
  First, you'll have to repeal the 2nd Amendment. That "shall not be infringed" part doesn't leave much room for interpretation.
Failure is necessary for success. Johnson took a risk, and failed. Now he can either let that failure destroy him or use it as the potting soil in which to plant the seeds of future success.
Media ignores abortionist murder trial  
  White House throws concert despite sequester
Arrests at Thatcher death celebrations as shop windows smashed, police injured  
$700 million in Katrina money handed out to homeowners goes missing
‘Iraq's environmental catastrophe worse than Hiroshima’     What the U.S. government has done to the country and people of Iraq is nothing short of an atrocity.
Statist propaganda: your children don't belong to you.  
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