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  White House throws concert despite sequester
Arrests at Thatcher death celebrations as shop windows smashed, police injured  
$700 million in Katrina money handed out to homeowners goes missing
‘Iraq's environmental catastrophe worse than Hiroshima’     What the U.S. government has done to the country and people of Iraq is nothing short of an atrocity.
Statist propaganda: your children don't belong to you.  
For the love of Pete, are those eyelashes over the headlights?
I think he was just looking for an excuse to post graphic photos and continue his "crusade" against perceived racism.
That is really what it's all about for Facebook and Google - selling you and your information to the highest bidder and getting targeted ads in front of your face.You can filter out a lot of the crap from your Facebook newsfeed, but it requires quite a bit of customization on your part. Every time I see a post or an invitation from a game or app or page that I did not solicit, I try to block that app or page. Eventually the spam subsides, but it's an ongoing process. The...
I think the mouse has a lot of life left in it. Touch screens need to be a lot more accurate and responsive before power users will give the mouse up.
I actually quite like my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but that's probably because it runs "pure" Android without OEM bloatware or GUI layers added and gets regular OS updates straight from Google.That said, my next smartphone will likely be an iPhone (unless BlackBerry can make some significant strides and attract some big league apps to their platform).I have misgivings about me and my information being treated like a commodity to sell to the highest bidder, and that is what...
New Posts  All Forums: