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Yes, let's leave guns, grenades, rockets, and nukes in the hands of governments...which are the only entities that have actually used them consistently to murder innocent people en masse. And they tend to use them more when the people they are attacking have no way to defend themselves.
I agree "Home" is a glorified bloatware widget, but considering Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users, ANY feature or service that draws more of those users to a certain platform is probably newsworthy.
iPhone was my first choice, but my unlocked Galaxy Nexus was $300 cheaper than an unlocked iPhone at the time, and that $300 went towards more important things.I haven't ruled out an iPhone purchase in the future.
Android is a competitor with iOS, is it not?
It's just one more option to choose from when customizing your Android phone. Because, you know, you can actually do that without jailbreaking it.
I tolerate Facebook because some family/friends don't want to venture out and try other social networking platforms. I see no reason to use "Home", so I can't say I'm devastated that Facebook's glorified bloatware won't run on my Galaxy Nexus right away.
  Is the focus on rifles or all guns?
  Perhaps it is not the main reason people want to ban (or "control") guns. In terms of the number of preventable deaths, gun-related homicides are not anywhere near the biggest contributor to that statistic. So...why, out of all the things we could be focusing our time and energies on, are guns being singled out?     You just said it's about reducing homicides. So...why not focus on the larger contributor to homicides?     Ahh, but you probably assume that a prison is a...
  You're right. We probably will end up agreeing to disagree, once again. But consider this:   In 1913 - 100 years ago - the federal income tax was instituted. It was also the year the Federal Reserve came into existence.   Prior to 1913, with no income tax and no central bank, did the people live in chaos and squalor? Did they sit around scratching their heads wondering who would build the roads? Were they shooting each other in the streets? No. Quite the...
  I didn't omit anything. I was asking about gun-related suicides. If you want to talk about that in relation to gun-related homicides that's fine, but I didn't omit anything.   A quick search on your favorite search engine will show that, according to FBI statistics, more people are killed by blunt objects (hammers, clubs, fists, etc.) than rifles. If banning (or "controlling") blunt objects would substantially reduce the number of homicides committed with such objects,...
New Posts  All Forums: