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  But the money used to fund government's wasteful and harmful actions - whether intentional or not - is collected under threat of violence. If the people don't like what the government is doing with their money, they cannot stop it from taking their money.   Whereas, with a private business, if the people don't like what it is doing with the money they give to it in exchange for its products or services, they can simply stop purchasing its products or services and it...
2/3 of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. are suicides (according to Wikipedia).   Will banning guns address the underlying issues, there?
  Actually, not all gun deaths are intentional.   And does it really matter whether or not government spending is intended to harm people if that is the result in the end?
    Do you agree with tonton that gun deaths are far more costly in money and lives than government actions?
  Both parts of the statement separated by the "or" were false. Quoting one or both of them does nothing to change the fact that the statement was false. It does nothing to change the purpose of the statement, which was to demonize those with whom he disagreed in a pitiful attempt to justify his support for a regime that indefinitely detains and assassinates people without due process.   Quibbling over the manner in which his statement was quoted while pointing this out...
  No, the questions was in response to tonton's attempt to deflect attention. This has been discussed in the "Massacre in Connecticut" thread. I'd rather not indulge tonton in his attempt to derail this thread. Thanks.
  If you are truly concerned about human lives and cost, why not focus on medical errors? They account for many more lives and many more billions of dollars than those "evil" guns.   By one estimate...     But I digress. This was merely another poor attempt on your part to derail the thread.   And you do realize that list of 60 items is not all inclusive, right? I'm sure there are far more wasteful things the government isn't even telling us about - probably under the...
  One of the main problems with relying on government is that the money goes to wasteful, absurd causes rather than where it's actually needed.
Italian-style coffee philanthropy takes hold in Bulgaria     That's odd...I don't see anything in the above article about the government forcing these coffee shops to support such an effort. Surely this philanthropic movement could not have come about spontaneously without any government intervention.  
  You support a regime that forcibly removes property from some to give to others.   And you didn't deny that this regime also indefinitely detains and assassinates people without due process.
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