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Your argument fails on facts (see responses by ksec and adamc) and also because you chose to finish with an insult. So, that's a double fail. Just sayin'.
Nokia, Don't be lame. Sincerely, The World
Summon the firing squad!
More "competition is good" posts. Why are people obsessed with this mantra? Sometimes it is, sometimes it ain't. Do we really need a gazillion android phones? A gazillion sugary cereals? And if the answer is yes, do we need a bunch of parrots chiming in with "competition is good" as they stroll down the store aisles fingering them? We'll know if amazon's version of an android phone brings anything to the table when we see it. Since amazon has only one goal, it seems to...
Facebook has had so many privacy issues, it's hard to believe they aren't attacking users' privacy on purpose. Facebook has a barely workable iPhone app and STILL NO IPAD APP! Their site (mobile and regular are very spotty on the iPad. Facebook growth has slowed and IMHO, it is about to become yesterday's news. This is not the sort of company that I'd bet to succeed with suvh a project.
He was talking about the current offering, iDisk--not iCloud. You can do the first 2 but I have no idea about windows. Nor do I care. iWeb and iDisk, contrary to the geek kings are both great products. They are seamlessly integrated into the apple ecosystem and provide more than enough features for many of us. Just the way iWeb integrates with iPhoto alone convinced me to convert my website from WordPress. This will horrify some but it works for me. As for iDisk, it's...
I only SMS with a few close friends and family and they are all using iOS as of a couple of months ago. So I will be punishing imessage as soon as iOS 5 arrives. So it's goodbye google voice and as for carriers, no way I am paying for SMS when I pay for a data plan. Goggle voice, MobileMe push email, third party texting app, imessage, whatever. Not getting any more money from me so they can suck it!
I assume this is the forwarding you refer to? https://discussions.apple.com/thread...3449&tstart=90Not messy at all IMO, but you do have go through gmail and I agree in principle that MobileMe should handle this internally. I am using this method under the assumption that it will be possible through MobileMe in the future. I really dislike any of my data with google.As for the $99 cost, I think it depends on how you use the service. If it's for syncing contacts, cals,...
IVK = troll. That's what the ignore list is for people. Use it and spare us reading his mindless blather in quoted text.
I love it and it works flawlessly for me. Apple could just make some minor improvements and I'd be more than happy to keep subscribing. First on my list would be dropbox like sync. But as you can see, people want "more."
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