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I think it's the original iCloud domain holder. Sold domain to apple and for now redirecting to couldme (new domain). Good for them for transition and also apple is obviously not going to let us peak at their work in progress. So I don't think this is any way related to the new iCloud service.
Stealing copying things into endless beta...it's what google does best.
I'm expecting a lot in the new roll out. Way more than some dropbox lookalilke. It's been discussed here before so I won't get into it again. Let's just say I am prepared to be amazed.
Great post!
You sir, have hit the nail on the head.
Is this an early April's Fool joke?
Change monopolies to oligopolies and you're all set.
Finally! The voice of reason. Apple's finest minds got together and proposed this to Uncle Steve: "Hey! Let's make mm free and give it to everyone who buys an apple product. Then let's take out email. I mean who needs push email anyway? Can't they just use gmail? I hear it's free."Uncle Steve: "Yah...that sounds about right."Come on now people. Use your noggins.
New Posts  All Forums: