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They may be a WH mouthpiece of sorts (I would call it establishment, to be more precise). But they hardly liberal--unless you consider pro Bush's Iraq War liberal. There are way morel iberal sources to read in the US and worldwide but Americans are so right wing that everything looks left of center to most.
The NYT is a great paper--although I think they've fallen off the beam a bit. The lead up to Iraq knocked them down two notches in my book. Still, for main stream news, I can't imagine picking another paper over it. But this is the age of the Internet and they can't charge that amount. I think only loyal, rich, older people will pay it. What sort of demographic is that to base your future on? If people stop reading, they are losing young eyeballs for good. Ain't coming...
The growth potential in iOS devices demands that apple have multiple suppliers of components and that they keep them all busy and improving their processes. Securing a certain percentage of work from apple will allow these suppliers to make plans to expand and raise capital more easily. That's a win win for them and apple and keeps the supply stream fed. Samsung's competition with apple is, I think, important in these decisions but only a part of the decision--not the...
MobileMe is going to make us all its bitches in the future. Mark my words.
This article is without meaning or perspective and is just troll fodder for fanboys of different sorts.
No doubt! I rarely connect my iphone or iPad to my Mac. Music syncing is really the only reason to. The key apps that need syncing (contacts and cal) sync wonderfully over MobileMe to all my devices withhout me doing a thing. It just works and I never have to give it a second thought. Here is an example of something unusual that happened to me where MobileMe proved its worth. My iphone screen was a little yellow. I went to the apple store and they wiped it and put it in...
MobileMe is far superior to doing it that way. Just make it free or nearly free and be done with it. Try it free for 60 days. You ain't going back to itunes sync.
I'd like to see voice recognition for adding events to calendar, among other things. Who wants to go through all those keystrokes to add a simple event like "dinner with Bob, March 10, 7 pm?" I just downloaded the dragon dictation app and it does a good job of recognizing speech, so it should be possible now. Get on it, apple!
Well, wait. They're not done with us yet. I fully expect a royal screwing down the road. It doesn't have to play out as a simple upcharge. These telecoms, they are very crafty.
New Posts  All Forums: