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This add'l cost just to tether BS must end! Why should I pay for a caddilac data plan and then twice for the same data? Same goes for texts. Even if I only buy one MB of data per month, I should be allowed to use it as I please. The fact that not one regulatory agency or politician is addressing this is clear indication that we live in a corrupt business environment controlled by an oligopoly.
Haha. Me too!
[QUOTE=pi31416;1821382]Riight! We've all been through it. I gave my old SE30 to a friend. He called me in a panic one day. He thought he backed up all his files by making an alias of his work folder onto a floppy. Now tell me why Aunt Martha needs control of her file system again.
+1What we have here is a paradigm shift that Jobs saw and helped create. People are scrambling to catch up and most don't get it--including many here. Let me explain. Used to be, geeks bought computers. They'd examine specs and all sorts of stuff that "normal people" don't understand or care about. When normal people bought computers, they'd ask geeks what to get. Geeks gave them horrible advice and that's why aunt Martha is terrified of her email program to this day....
Revolt how? I don't see it. I think the best days of the Internet are behind us now that the big boys are getting ready to have their way. Who is going to stop them? The congressional boot licks?
Pawned! FTW
And the competition is?
This is a plus in my book. Who needs a BS title from the queen mum? It's about time that British Royalty face its irrelevancy.
Well, it depends on what you need. If you run a marketing firm would you use address book to manage your mailing lists? Obvioisly not. Likewise, if you are a professional graphic designer (which my wife is), font book will not cut it. One of the surest ways to hose your book design business is by messing up your fonts...and if you're a professional, you have lots and lots of fonts--including some older ones which you must hold onto for various reasons. Font Book has never...
Haven't they been saying this for the last decade? When are these hackers going to get serious?
New Posts  All Forums: