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It appears to the right of the url once the page has loaded. While the page is loading, it turns into an X for "stop loading." So, it's been moved/redesigned, not gone. I gather by all the posts about reloading via the menu that some people have not picked up on this.
I use tabs all the time. Am I the only one who doesn't care if they are top/bottom? It almost seems like a lot of navel-gazing to fuss about it. Pick one and stick with it. 4 is working great so far and seems fast. But I will try very hard to find something to complain about.
>>>In March of 2008, representatives for the SEC interviewed Jobs for three hours at Apple's Cupertino-based campus as part of their case against Heinen. That's a hoot. These are the same guys that could not find Madoff with a flashlight and a map. Now we know why. To busy seeking out "evildoers." Heck of a job, Brownie.
This commercial says nothing much about computers and everything about how uneducated consumers are. French manicures, stylish, clothes, and lots of trendy catch-phrases...this is how we usher the next generation of mindless consumers into a life of debt and macmansions full of craptacular possessions.
C'mmon...this is funny. Who wouldn't tune in to a reality show starring a washed up rock star with funny glasses blinding us with science straight from Cupertino. Throw Steve Jobs and some honeys in there and you'd have a major hit show no nerd could look away from. I say apple missed the boat on this one.
Server is behaving badly so I hope my post goes through without duplication. Some personal but relevant data: Wife and I have a two person, at home, graphic arts business. Mac users since 1988. Keep every mac AT LEAST 4 years. NEVER, EVER had one die. Replaced HDs, RAM, fans, etc, but each computer has been sold or given away after it's served its time. Ever since ebay, I get used mac desktop towers and Apple Cinema displays. I can't believe how often people...
I think the Honda/Accura thing is off base. If you choose a Honda over an Accura, you still have a pretty dandy car but if you choose Windows over OS X, what you have is a steaming pile of unworkable crap. MS is in a VERY sharp downward trajectory but people don't get it the way people didn't get AIG and Citi. It looks impossible...until it starts looking possible...and then it's too late to make it impossible ever again.
New Posts  All Forums: