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I'm never going anywhere near font book again. Ever. Font problems are the 9th circle of hell. FontAgent Pro all the way.
just don't use the new features Steve - sent from my iPhone
This is why you buy when you're ready. Yeah, if you know something new will be announced in a few weeks you may hold off. But months and months? No. I got the iPad 1 within a short time of release and have been enjoying it all these months while some people I know are still waiting for v2. If v2 (or 1.5) has no retina and other things they are expecting, what then? They've waited so long already. Why not a few more months in case a new version is out in the fall? It never...
Glad to see some others who appreciate MobileMe as much as I do. It's a kick ass service. Can it be improved? Of course! The most obvious improvement is mentioned here often: a drop box like file syncing. I'm sure apple is working on that and much more. But apple has many projects going at any given time so it's natural that some draw more focus than others. It looks like MobileMe has reached near the top of apple's attention list recently and I could not be more...
Gnashing of teeth over 99 cents?! Seriously? I mean, 99 cents? People have just become too used to free, I guess. I seriously doubt anyone who can afford a device/connection that allows them to log into this forum would ever notice a dollar missing from their pocket. So consider yourselves 1 cent ahead of the game. Or maybe you object to the principle. There's always that.
Apple wants to profit from an ecosystem which they have built at great expense and effort--and continue to improve. Many companies want acces to this ecosystem and apple has stated the rules and fees for its use. Some companies may want to do an end run around apple's policies. That way they can use apple's highly valuable ecosystem and large and loyal installed base to collect minor or no fees for their products at the apple store, pay apple nothing or next to nothing...
Yeah, there something deliciously ironic about this. Nobody does more to validite Jobs' decisions than his detractors and competitors. First they tell us how wrong he is. Then, a year later, they copy him. Too bad for them that apple has moved on to something new by then. Hard to hit a movie target.
I can understand it for unlimited plans but I'm talking about capped plans. Besides, AT&T is not even offering unlimited plans any more.
Say I get x data per month for my iPhone. Now apple adds a feature to the phone's OS that allows my phone to become a wifi router so I can use some percentage of x data on my wifi iPad instead of my phone. But the carrier gets to charge me extra, even if I never exceed the x data that I paid for my iPhone plan. Yeah, free markets rule.
New Posts  All Forums: