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In theory. But anyone who'se tried to port their number more than once knows lots of shenanigans happen and I bet quite a few people are hesitant to switch carriers because of the hassle/fear of losing the number. I've even had to fight to keep my number within different plans from the same carrier. Yes, I got it ported but I had to huff and puff at the CS guy before he relented. I really don't understand why any carrier has a right to my number or why I have to request...
Say this takes off. Who controls your phone #? We need to let end users have control of their phone numbers else it will be used as a wedge by carriers against competitive services.
One is good. Two is better. Three must be best. Can't wait for triple screen!
"following a complaint from Google earlier this week that Microsoft's Bing search engine was appropriating its search results to improve its own." Hahaha. I noticed bing search results are improving. Using it now as my default search engine on 3 separate devices. Google, you can kiss my butt. No monopoly for you!
I personally know 3 people who returned iPads and each one got another iPad (3G vs wifi or more storage space). I think this goes on a lot and between that and the margin of error, I suspect the real return rate is a "rounding error." As for the galaxy, that number can't be right because we all know tech geeks with cargo pants have been waiting for this platform. Maybe they are on vacation or putting out IT fires. I await their buying frenzy. (Typing this from my...
Where's the "IT guy" here that said they'd sell like hotcakes because they fit in cargo pant pockets and all his buds were panting for them?
Almost all CEOs are ego-mainiacs. Jobs makes their performances look like dog crap at a salary of $1/yr. so it hurts their feelings. I can see them at board of directors meetings getting reamed about their salary vs. performance. The response? "Apple is a fad that won't last. Wait and see. Meanwhile, continue to pay me a gajillion $ because I am so darn smart." Pathetic, really. You'd think they'd be smart enough not to draw additional attention to their own...
This would be a horrible investment. Not only is FB is way over-valued by the shysters at Goldman, there is a great chance it will be replaced in a few years by the social network de-jour. Fail!
I think the last is the most likely and I expect the implementation to be awesome. In other words, typically apple. Apple is unlikely to add a plain Jane light to serve this one function. It would not jive with their core design philosophy. If it did, they would have added it long ago (probably within the home button).
Common now! How about the country show some concerns for the environment and its people instead of scapegoating some foreign corporation that has little control over the situation. If apple ever threatened to pull contracts out of China for envirommental or humanitarian reasons, what do you wanna bet the same people would be screaming that an American company should mind its own business?
New Posts  All Forums: