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Just to be clear, you can host a website on a domain that you own through MobileMe. One domain per MobileMe master account. Simple to do. Just adjust dns settings at your registrar per instructions. It is not a full-function hosting solution (no DB, for example, so you can't host a wordpress install). But it's a nice part of the MobileMe package. Depending on your needs, MobileMe can be a pretty damn good deal. Especially if you get it a discount through amazon or eBay....
Nailed it! I rejected MobileMe for years because it was so obviously inferior to free options out there. But after a short trial period, I saw my error. Every time I think disjointed offerings such as google's are the better option it ends in disappointment. Apple is not perfect but they get it mostly right more often than the other offerings out there and I am confident that their cloud will be something to be reckoned with in the future.
I contribute $$ to wikipedia every year and these comments irk me. Almost seems like some hidden agenda when he worries about the app store (a tiny and discrete part of the internet) becoming a choke point but net neutrality is not an issue right now, so why worry about what might happen? WTF?! I hope he was misquoted or this is out of context. Pending claificarion, I will have to reconsider where to send my hard-earned money this year. Perhaps one of the groups fighting...
No. I assume that she is fully aware and approving of the activity. So it's the equivalent of her saying please look in my pocketbook for a tic-tac.
The only reason I'd pay my grocer for 12 eggs per week when I average 2 per week is because I have no other option. That is not a business model, that is just ripping me off. Why not offer me a per egg price that is higher than the guy who signs up for 12 per week? That way I will pay more than him when I take 12 but less when I take 2. Answer: because my grocer is part of an oligopoly.
Not cruel at all. It's all about biz with these corps. They can turn around any thought, campaign, whatever if it means profits. The users are way more invested in the this vs that technology. That's why you can't insult a salesman. As long as you are still in the market for his/her product, you'll get more "love" than you can handle.
I'm having none these problems. Never had one fatal error and iDisk is as fast or faster than any sites I FTP to. I don't even understand why you'd be asked to sync to one "good device" when your data is in the cloud. But not being a techie, I guess I'm missing something there. Needless to say, I am quite pleased with MobileMe.
It's cool. I'm not personalizing the issue, nor am I saying the sales strategy is bad. I'm only saying this deal would not get my money but I realize it appeals to others. Basically, you can take my comments as follows (FWIW): If someone close to me asked my opinion, I would steer them towards the iPhone 4 over this. It makes better sense to me for reasons already stated plus resale value when it's time to upgrade. I would then end it with what I always end such a...
Yeah, I'm cheap and all but it's really hard to imagine how such a small savings would push somome over the line to buy into a contract. And if it does, why not spend a few extra bucks for the retina display (if for no other reason)? I just think some people cannot wrap their mind around the total cost of the 2 year commitment. The phone prices (such as they are) are nearly irrelevant. To quote a much-quoted figure here, "a rounding error."Edit: I just now read the...
Yes, they well if the upgrade is in any way compelling. There is a great used market on ebay for the used apple idevice. Prices do not go down but you get better specs and more features in he new model.
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