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You say that like it's an actual fact. My guess is that Hublot's mixture is insanely patented. Apple's video made no mention of ceramics, but did mention alloy metals like copper, silver etc., and the extra hardness was identified as the result of massive compression. 
I assume you are referring to the deep dish Apple variety. :->
Also an incredibly good example of the new AppleInsider posting guidelines in action.
Or re-capped as hoLOLens.
Sorta gives a new meaning to "Eat your words."—◊
If you look at the chart (starting with "Shares repurchased . . .) in the main body of the article, it clearly states the the Shares column is in "000s." Typical accounting speak for "Add three zeros to the end of each number in the column." So 58,661 has 000 appended equaling 58,661,000. HTHciao—◊
After restarting, press and hold down the option key until all volumes load. Use the arrow keys to select the one you want to startup from. I always keep my main HDD as the Startup Disk choice then select others this way.HTH,ciao—◊
Download using the App Store with the Dev Center token for 10.10. 
"After Apple's iPhone disseminated the existing smartphone businesses of BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm and Windows Mobile in its first three years, a variety of hardware makers and carriers jumped to support Android as the last remaining alternative." I think you were going for "decimated" though that would technically also be incorrect. Maybe "destroyed" is really the word you're looking for.
Heh, many of us remember Iron Eyes Cody as a teenager.
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