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After restarting, press and hold down the option key until all volumes load. Use the arrow keys to select the one you want to startup from. I always keep my main HDD as the Startup Disk choice then select others this way.HTH,ciao—◊
Download using the App Store with the Dev Center token for 10.10. 
"After Apple's iPhone disseminated the existing smartphone businesses of BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm and Windows Mobile in its first three years, a variety of hardware makers and carriers jumped to support Android as the last remaining alternative." I think you were going for "decimated" though that would technically also be incorrect. Maybe "destroyed" is really the word you're looking for.
Heh, many of us remember Iron Eyes Cody as a teenager.
Those are robot dogs with android killer bees in their mouth.
I was thinking more like R2D2 without the struts. 
  Possible benefits to Apple: 1. Focus: At that time Apple was still in the earlier stages of proofing their disruptive concept of intense focus on a few critical products/technologies.   2. Signaling to the rest of the community that the ARM "ecosystem" was not going to turn proprietary--note that Intel sold off their stake soon after, too. Now anyone* can be assured that an investment in ARM processors couldn't be hijacked.   * Such as Qualcomm, Samsung, TI, et al.   3....
    My understanding is that these are non-SEP patents held by Apple. Apple's desire is for the [alleged] infringers to stop using the patents and invent/innovate new methods.  Samsung is trying to use this settlement between Apple and HTC to show that Apple did not suffer irreparable damage by Samsung's [and others'] infringement thus negating the necessity of a permanent injunction. Remember, the stated goal of Samsung is to license Apple's patents, thus allowing them...
  Here's how it works.   Biased report: "World comes to an end." Unbiased report: "World comes to an end, possibly caused by iOS 6 Maps app failure." Rinse, Repeat.
  The 9.7" iPad is called an iPad and the 7.9" iPad is called iPad mini. Neither are called "tablets" or "slates" or any of those names.
New Posts  All Forums: