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MacPro 4,1 8GB RAM. All four apps were open on the SunSpider page at the the same time. ============================================ Safari 5.0 (Webkit) 60820 226.6ms +/- 0.7% ============================================ Chrome 5.0.375.55 264.9ms +/- 0.8% ============================================ Opera 10.53. 8343 317.5ms +/- 0.9% ============================================ Firefox 3.6.4 743.6ms +/- 4.1%
Here's Safari 5 with today's nightlie (60820) on a newer MacPro. ============================================ RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals) -------------------------------------------- Total: 231.2ms +/- 0.6% -------------------------------------------- 3d: 31.1ms +/- 1.7% cube: 11.8ms +/- 2.6% morph: 9.0ms +/- 0.0% raytrace: 10.3ms +/- 3.4% access: 29.0ms...
Here's a nice site that shows you the various HTML5 readiness states of different browsers. This isn't a "Review" blog, they actually test the capabilities of each browser. Paul Irish is one of the developers of Modernizr. http://html5readiness.com/
Check out Virtuoso.
The OP needs to know to click on the link named "User CP" and then in the User Control Panel to click on "Edit Ignore List" and then add the soon-to-be-ignored-troll's name to the "Add a Member to Your List. . . " box and click Okay. BTW, my ignore list is up to 274. Unfortunately, for the ignore list to be really effective, the ignored member's remarks should also be hidden, especially when they're quoted during an admonition by a Moderator to "Don't feed the Trolls."
Since Webkit is open source it is much easier to look at than closed work, so yes in that narrow sense it is a much greater security target. BTW, our friend Charlie has announced 20 security exploits for MacOS X to be discussed next week.
[QUOTE=solipsism;1593662]My guess is that it will drop today at 4:50pm EST My guess is Tuesday—right before CanSecWest.
Even more ironic is the fact that I just watched the entire video ON my iPhone. AppleInsider links to the YouTube videos which display in H.264. I had WiFi available, if that makes a difference.—ciao
For those not familiar with the Acid Tests, here is the link: Note that after you run the Acid3 test you can click on the "A" in Acid and get some additional comments.
I don't have any of those products, but as an interesting aside, the iPhone 3GS gets 97/100 on the Acid3 test, while last I checked, IE6/7 gets about 21/100. While the iPhone gets a 97/100, many of the tests passed but didn't execute fast enough to not warrant a note about the speed.
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