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Yet you don't say why? I can't really prove a negative.Tiny markets. I really don't know what to say about that. I mean, PayPal, for example, is a global player. Just because *you* frown upon it doesn't mean it's not a huge market.I trust Apple too. That doesn't mean I don't trust other parties. Like, say Dropbox. I don't put anything in iCloud. I may in time, but for now Dropbox covers it all off.Anyway, to get on point you made a shit analogy. And if you trust Apple you...
It's a 'bat'. A cricket 'bat'. :-)
Make it a sample size of two. There were still a hundred or so people queued up at my store at lunchtime yesterday. I think Apple may have missed a first wave of people with a preference for large phones but I reckon they're just gobbling it up now. Still can't choose between the two. Is the + a viable ipad replacement?
How about you think about it another way: why would a vendor risk their ability to be on the app store by doing so? Trust works in a number of different directions.No one seems to have a problem with 1password. They say they don't exfiltrate your passwords. Do they?
But in this case Apple owns the house, chooses who is coming and going and can then lock the doors anyway if it so chooses.
Aw gee, I dunno. iPod Hifi has to be up there.
This may have cost apple 3 of my hard earned bucks. :)    I couldn't buy it on iBooks so I went to Amazon. It was the cheaper there anyway. 
NFC is extremely common here. More terminals have them than not. There's a limit to payment but beyond that limit, you're asked to enter your pin.We've just progressed to pin only, you're unable to sign transactions anymore. NFC is the next step and I expect it to be ubiquitous here soon rather than later.Australia btw.
Depression means you aren't thinking straight. From your frame of reference, your sane frame of reference all those things you say make sense. It's very easy to say he took the easy way out, but he did not think the same way you do. I used to take the same position as you. Until Recently. I did not become depressed but I went to a place where a lot of thing suddenly made sense. Don't discount the effect despair and depression has on a person. You sell them short by judging...
Maybe the better way is for nation states to sell access to its consumers, like apple does to its developers. Charge, say 30% for each transaction executed by an organisation against one of its citizens and be done with it.
New Posts  All Forums: