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Depends on your use case. Ever tried to write a thesis in Pages? "Yes I have" said No. One. Ever.
You're quite confident it's legal. We do have a provision in the tax code that says if it looks smelly we will simply look through the arrangement and fine you. There's a reason it's not being more actively used but I guess the High Court rulings on part iva may have something to do with it.
Australian tax law has for a long time had an "if it looks like a duck" clause: Part IVA. I don't recall how many teeth the anti avoidance provisions are but it would seem a real stretch to set up a super fancy operation in a jurisdiction, then make pennies on the dollar profit in that jurisdiction because your wholesale price is almost the retail price of the product as it is sold to you from an "arms length" supplier.If it smells like shit you should probably check your...
That's an interesting point. Those politicians which specifically enable this behaviour are from foreign jurisdictions and make it extremely attractive for companies such as Apple and Google to engage in what is effectively transfer pricing. Loading up the cost of a product so that no profit is made in a jurisdiction such as Australia is "legal" in a black letter sense but really contravenes the spirit of the law. I do believe Australia is looking at a dominant purpose...
op is talking about the development of CC infrastructure, not tax avoidance/evasion.On that topic, though, why shouldn't a company pay taxes for access to a countries consumers? All the big tech companies are guilty of it.
I think the banks would go for it if Apple halved their margin from what is being reported here. What they're asking is something In the range of 30-35% of the banks take. If they do drop the fee Apple get the same percentage of the margin in other markets and we are away. Having said that, contactless is pretty handy. It's $100 PINless on my own cards and it's no big deal to enter the PIN for amounts above that. You're right there at the machine anyway.
I believe it's also available to existing subscribers as well
Hmmm. If you depend on something for an income then you really should have a preproduction system to prove it before you unleash it on your production environment. This is true of any update, on any system.
So, at this point I would accept that the bot you're responding to is simply out to irritate. You should cut your losses. The story with that one twists and changes depending on how it's shown up. FWIW, it was only 12 months ago that my eldest son gave up his ipad1 for a mini2. the youngest still has his ipad2. they're durable and usable many years after release and often there is no reason to upgrade. That's not being cheap, that's being prudent.  On the other hand, my...
I guess it means you're not able to be critical *and* own Apple kit because that would be impossible, right?I read elsewhere some of Tims comments in the earnings call. He said Apple watch is tracking nicely. Meh. Mea culpa. You win some, you lose some.
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