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 Hater or not, just a observation that DED is ill suited to the 'physical enforcement' role, e.g. 'punching out' someone's lights. Not gonna happen. TBH, that's probably not his disposition either. I like at least that much about him.
Have you seen the guy? He'd have trouble punching out a bundy clock.
IMO, Apple set (even) high(er) expectations on themselves when they released the 4. That premium eschewed plastic and use more 'real-world' materials. Jobs likened it to a Leica camera. The argument that 3 and 3gs were plastic and sold well became moot because of the 4, the 4S and the 5.  Not a bad thing, mind, but going back to plastic, even Jony Ives unicorn plastic, was always going to be a retrograde step. Now, these things might be selling like hotcakes, but...
I've yet to see an iPhone 5c in the wild. To be fair I don't look that closely though and I haven't seen thousands of 5S either. But I've definitely seen those.
Safari taps out when it feels like it and springboard occasionally just dies. Uncharacteristic of Apple, and it's quite frustrating.
Oh wow. How the neck beards get lathered up over an ad. Next you'll be claiming prada models aren't actually that skinny. The only thing I found amusing was DEDs glass houses moment which had since been corrected.
The criticism that one should use the old app is unwarranted. Why should anyone be reasonably expected to know they should do this? A brand new version was just released. Why would you have any reason to suspect it would render you existing files unusable? Imagine the LMFAO if Microsoft had done this. I took one look at the new pages and moved right back. Thankfully I didn't lose any files, but time machine would have had my back, I guess. That's one thing to be...
The nike+ app! I thought I was losing my mind when I thought that run button was unresponsive.
Hmm. I think the OP knew the word was "described", the joke being the word actually mispelled was "decried".At least that's how I read it.
Hey, I've got no problems about the 5C selling well. If you believe the reports it's not selling nearly as well as expected. Hence production being cut back. The only issue I have is with the reasoning you offered. There's zero reason why Apple introduced what is essentially a new product line as a draw to sell the premium model. Clearly Apple thought this model would squeeze gangbusters sales from old hardware. It seems the reality is not the case. Otherwise they would...
New Posts  All Forums: