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Must have just gotten lucky then. I don't often need to call on Dropbox.
Heh - never had a problem with DropBox, sample size of one.   I've been reticent to knowingly use iCloud - after reading about issues such as these, a crappy iCloud API (which may have been fixed - http://www.zdnet.com/developers-give-apple-an-icloud-ultimatum-fix-it-by-june-7000013495/) and I must admit I am little confused/haven't really explored the extent of the offering.    I'm a reasonably technical guy, but I'm not particularly interested in learning more...
Ooooooh. Feel the buuuuuurn.
Well, no, you're right. Nothing works 100% of the time. But then again you don't expect your vendor to release an update that kills the absolute core functionality of the device either.That's something different entirely.This is uncharacteristic of Apple. Their execution is normally - no, almost invariably- fantastic.Reputation takes a lifetime to build and it can be taken away in an instant.
Trolls - I don't think that word means what you think it means.I've already decided I'm not getting a 6+. Not for bendgate, but because it's too big.However, we all harp about design. How good Apple is at it (and they are). But surely the use cases for a device, in this case, a phone, feed into the design choices? I reckon this is Apple bowing to the market. In my opinion, something this thin for its size is not meant to be a mobile phone. It's slippery and doesn't have a...
Yet you don't say why? I can't really prove a negative.Tiny markets. I really don't know what to say about that. I mean, PayPal, for example, is a global player. Just because *you* frown upon it doesn't mean it's not a huge market.I trust Apple too. That doesn't mean I don't trust other parties. Like, say Dropbox. I don't put anything in iCloud. I may in time, but for now Dropbox covers it all off.Anyway, to get on point you made a shit analogy. And if you trust Apple you...
It's a 'bat'. A cricket 'bat'. :-)
Make it a sample size of two. There were still a hundred or so people queued up at my store at lunchtime yesterday. I think Apple may have missed a first wave of people with a preference for large phones but I reckon they're just gobbling it up now. Still can't choose between the two. Is the + a viable ipad replacement?
How about you think about it another way: why would a vendor risk their ability to be on the app store by doing so? Trust works in a number of different directions.No one seems to have a problem with 1password. They say they don't exfiltrate your passwords. Do they?
But in this case Apple owns the house, chooses who is coming and going and can then lock the doors anyway if it so chooses.
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