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Yeah, it's not like these multi nationals all of a sudden realised, fark, we have to pay taxes on that money. They pay their lawyers to know the entire context under which they operate. If they choose to bring the money into the country then their profit model should accommodate the associated costs. Why are we thinking of doing these guys a big favour simply because they have lots of money. It's doing nothing useful sitting around in foreign bank account, except making...
 No. I wasn't implying that. I just know that it's not here and I have the hardware which could take advantage of it.  NFC is almost standard here. I have no idea why it might have been dying off in the states. I think Google had the right idea, but like everything else, Apple have spent a little bit more time getting the UX right (I guess, I haven't seen it in the flesh yet) and all of a sudden it's taking off.
That's great news for North America. But here in Australia that number is closer to 0/3rds. I don't think I've seen a non-NFS POS terminal in months. Hurry up Apple Pay!
I think were just going to have to disagree. I don't particularly like his style. I'm no author, but that hasn't stopped me reading novels because I didn't like the writing. As a rule I don't much like the first person writing style. I'm not going to read much of a novel written that way.The expression is the presentation. I think my analogy is truer on that premise.
Not relevant. I don't need to be a developer to know a shit video game when I see it. Why does a reader of an article need to be an author to critique it? OP is not professing to be a scribe. DED is.
Just like everything? People are prepared to pay that much? I'm looking closely at another one - the Parrot RNB6 which also has been announced. The UIs on these things are garish, though. It would also be nice to have rotary volume controls, at least.
Apple Store is unlikely to be problematic in Australia and Apple probably would have been given the mark. While Apple is a descriptive term, in the three categories in which Apple applied for the App Store mark, at least one of them it could be cogently argued that Apple is not descriptive. It would be if one were a green grocer, but Apple is not a green grocer. They already have Apple on its own as a mark. That has to tell you something.
Actually, the judge was constrained by the law. You can read the judgment here.  http://www.judgments.fedcourt.gov.au/judgments/Judgments/fca/single/2014/2014fca1304 "I am prepared to accept that, as part of the launch of the iPhone 3G in Australia, Apple’s App Store aroused significant interest, manifested by persons undertaking inquiries on the Internet using app store as a search term. I am also prepared to accept that, within the relevant period, a number of persons –...
At $1000 a unit
Oh, get over yourself. Just don't believe everything a corporation feeds you. That's the point. I'm sorry I didn't surround it with smileys or some shit. I sure as hell ain't going to install an 'untrusted' app. I don't have an association with any place that would give me enterprisey apps to install and the warning is sufficiently alarming. Does that make you feel better?
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