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 OT: the Apple glyph is really heavily treated against this particular typeface and looks like misplaced and badly typeset bullet points.
....and no-one will give a shit because the thing does what it says it does on the tin. Just like the iPhone does. I have no idea what's in my iPhone except it has an a8 chip, and I'm not even sure of that and more to the point, I simply don't care. I does what I ask of it and that's all that matters. I'm sure the Galaxy is exactly the same, even if the software doesn't have the same polish.
Sorry for the massive quote. The headline unemployment rate is not that misleading. Put it another way, why would consider someone not actively looking for work to be unemployed? What about retirees? Disabled? Students?This is Eco 101. Actually it's high school economics. Unemployment is measured against those "participating". The drop in participation is worrying but that's a separate issue. Of those actually looking for work, the unemployment rate is what it is stated to...
You're trying to unscramble the egg. Samsung is guilty. The harm can be cured by money. That is all.
Ideas can't be patented.* Otherwise you'd have people running around registering what coming out of their thought bubbles. I'm sure you're using idea and invention interchangeably.* I'm sure there are thousands of things on the patent register which are merely ideas.
Ftfy. It sucked so hard people listened the shit out of it. Makes no sense.
You'd be silly to think that corporations will go away because, dear me, they had to pay tax. Where there's a profit to be made, it will be made. Don't kid yourself.
Yeah, it's not like these multi nationals all of a sudden realised, fark, we have to pay taxes on that money. They pay their lawyers to know the entire context under which they operate. If they choose to bring the money into the country then their profit model should accommodate the associated costs. Why are we thinking of doing these guys a big favour simply because they have lots of money. It's doing nothing useful sitting around in foreign bank account, except making...
 No. I wasn't implying that. I just know that it's not here and I have the hardware which could take advantage of it.  NFC is almost standard here. I have no idea why it might have been dying off in the states. I think Google had the right idea, but like everything else, Apple have spent a little bit more time getting the UX right (I guess, I haven't seen it in the flesh yet) and all of a sudden it's taking off.
That's great news for North America. But here in Australia that number is closer to 0/3rds. I don't think I've seen a non-NFS POS terminal in months. Hurry up Apple Pay!
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