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Music in this sense is quite confusing. I just want to do offline play. Spotify does this just great, but obviously doesn't need to integrate with iTunes, etc.Yes. Yes. I know I can turn on iTunes Match but no one seems to be able give a straight answer as to what will happen with my music and when. This article helps but it seems like ymmv.
Best comment in thread. Thank you.
Like this whole fiasco being a ploy to get taylor swift on board? Like its a ploy to avoid doj interest? Like artists should just suck up the costs of the free preview?I've heard some silly shit during my time in these boards, and elsewhere for that matter, but this is the cream that rises to the top.Sent from my iPhone. No really. Sent from my iPhone. It is possible to be critical of Apple and still own their products.
This article I found a it weird. DED appeared to be equivocating on the issue. Almost confused.
All I'm saying is that you don't open a store, make everything free for 3 months and not pay your suppliers. Unless they agree not to get paid. Which is what's happened.The only one who's whiny here is you. Because Apple.
They're not getting paid. In many cases a streamed listen on Apple music is one thats not happening on spotify or pandora or whatever.It's apples service and if their content creators don't want to eat some of the cost of starting it then they should exercise that choice. Evidently this is what's happening here with some artists.Of course you put yourself in that position and a prospective employer asks you to work for three months for free. How does that sit with you? I...
I think the issue is "why does the artist have to wear the risk for Apple starting a new service". If you value your work you don't give it away for free. "Exposure" doesn't pay the bills.
Yep, but any part of the contract to do with price maintenance is not enforceable. Or, to put it another way, price maintenance is illegal.
Don't know how it works there but price maintenance is illegal in my country. One you buy the thing it's yours. You can throw it away if you want.Apple *can* choose who they do business with, however.
In making your 'assessment' those things that are not interesting to you are entirely relevant. You can't take 'success' in the USA and use that as the benchmark for 'success' elsewhere. Everything else would like quite shitty by comparison.
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