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Hmmm. If you depend on something for an income then you really should have a preproduction system to prove it before you unleash it on your production environment. This is true of any update, on any system.
So, at this point I would accept that the bot you're responding to is simply out to irritate. You should cut your losses. The story with that one twists and changes depending on how it's shown up. FWIW, it was only 12 months ago that my eldest son gave up his ipad1 for a mini2. the youngest still has his ipad2. they're durable and usable many years after release and often there is no reason to upgrade. That's not being cheap, that's being prudent.  On the other hand, my...
I guess it means you're not able to be critical *and* own Apple kit because that would be impossible, right?I read elsewhere some of Tims comments in the earnings call. He said Apple watch is tracking nicely. Meh. Mea culpa. You win some, you lose some.
I've found the is beta to be just Okay.   A few strange issues I've come across:   1. Video occasionally doesn't play from streaming sites. The scrubber is moving the but there's no pictures. Once it gets like that, all videos go like that. A reset fixes it. 2. UI Becomes unresponsive, usually when there's some kind of scrolling required. This is generally a precursor to needing a reboot. 3. iSmoothRun is just broken. It's either poorly programmed, the API...
Srsly, no one needs FB on a watch. Don't need a 20000 word article to prove it.
Reading's not a big thing with you either, huh? wristly.co - "The largest independent Apple Watch research platform" - show me anywhere on that website where they evaluate other wearables. What I'm saying - AND I CLEARLY HAVE TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS TO GET MY POINT ACROSS, is that website creates a self selecting population. I don't understand how you don't get this. You have to have an active interest in the watch to find, sign up and participate. That kind of  composition...
No. Those who chose to participate in the survey where somewhat satisfied or better. Those who knew wristly existed, found it, signed up, and participated in the survey. All 1000 of them. Of which about 800 bothered to respond. That doesn't strike me as a particularly persuasive sample. It's like lining up a bunch of Cavs fans and asking them if they like Le Bron. What the hell do you think the answer's going to be? You don't statistic much do you. If you can't see the...
Possibly. But not because it's a bad product. There's a few things I particularly like about Spotify. One of them is user playlists. There a Spotify top 40 playlist for my country but there's another person who faithfully updates the national charts weekly. I subscribe to his Top 40 playlist and it's very quickly available to me offline in my own Spotify library.
Sure, you can take a relative view of satisfaction across the sample size but the numbers themselves are pretty much meaningless for a host of reasons, not the least of which is the way the sample is composed, or the way the questions are phrased.Not doubting the apple watch users who found this survey sire are happy, but they're not 97% happy/satisfied.
True. Should not have gone there but the minor point I was trying to make was that if you think you've been wronged by the status quo you may as well ask the question. Doing nothing gets a nil result.
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