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Depression means you aren't thinking straight. From your frame of reference, your sane frame of reference all those things you say make sense. It's very easy to say he took the easy way out, but he did not think the same way you do. I used to take the same position as you. Until Recently. I did not become depressed but I went to a place where a lot of thing suddenly made sense. Don't discount the effect despair and depression has on a person. You sell them short by judging...
Maybe the better way is for nation states to sell access to its consumers, like apple does to its developers. Charge, say 30% for each transaction executed by an organisation against one of its citizens and be done with it.
It's aud. there's zero reason to express an Australian workplace agreement in usd and it's probably illegal. Why would the Australian government, through the fair work commission, ever accept an agreement between an Australian workforce and an Australian company where the dominator is USd. Do you understand how silly that sounds? When you're in Australia and you talk dollars, you actually mean Australian dollars.Ignore the articles. Read the agreements. The Coles one is...
My bad. The 2009 agreement is also annexed and was what I read.However, it's an Australian agreement so I have no idea why you think it's expressed in USD.The 20.15 you're talking about is already AUD. It's an Australian agreement. And it's still less than Coles agreement which is 20.30 for the least paid full time employee.High stakes game, this internet.
Heh,Perhaps you should read the agreement. 673 and some cents weekly for Retail 1. $17.71/hr Part Time. $22.14/hr Casual. I don't really see what's so controversial about my statement. It's not wrong.edit: that was the old agreementThe article's author fundamentally misunderstands how the agreement characterises pay. The $20.96 you're banging on about is the *CASUAL* rate converted to US bux. It provides *EXTRA* compensation for the leave benefits which casual worker does...
The agreement is for 38hrs a week.  Coles for a checkout operator is 773/38hrs a week at entry level for full time workersThe new Apple agreement is 673/38hrs at entry level for full time workers. The "approximately $22.44" for entry level quoted in the article is actually *exactly* the casual rate for an entry level worker. Ie, the poor suckers who get rostered to cover the gaps. They get more because they don't get the same leave entitlements of full and part time...
Also casuals get 25% more because they're casual. Employers generally aren't responsible for health cover in Australia.
http://www.smh.com.au/business/genius-deal-apples-staff-paid-less-than-coles-checkout-workers-20140606-39nvc.html   Depends which fountain you drink from for news, but you'll get more working at ALDI than working for Apple.   It looks like they traded penalties for weekend work and settled for less than inflation on their annual increases. Sounds like a sweet deal. Only slightly less shit than the deal they left behind.
 Hater or not, just a observation that DED is ill suited to the 'physical enforcement' role, e.g. 'punching out' someone's lights. Not gonna happen. TBH, that's probably not his disposition either. I like at least that much about him.
Have you seen the guy? He'd have trouble punching out a bundy clock.
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