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 There's no reason to compensate someone vastly more than they could ever spend in a lifetime. Corporate leaders as the new royalty. One way (monarchies, feudalism) or the other (capitalism), you get the few screwing the rest. It just seems more palatable when you're screwed a certain way.
That's just the CEO market at work. Big Deal. It's capitalism, get over it. Get the best price for what you have to sell. It's not a problem until it's concentrated in one person?
You are probably correct that Apple are only required to comply with classification rules wrt movies, but that doesn't mean they don't have the ability to set their own standards in choosing which content to allow in their devices. Clearly it's not really feasible for web content but they've demonstrated their willingness to play police on app content that can be perceived a certain way. There's nothing to stop them disneyfying the HBO channels presented through Apple...
We're on the same page then. Phew. I thought I was going to get embroiled in some e-argument there.
I implied no such thing. How on earth did you read it that way?
and yet the whole time, in either case, you as a buyer don't have access to that amount of credit. that's all i'm saying.
It's a subtle difference but the end result is the same, right? You don't have access to that amount of credit either way.
Wow. 15 minutes into au preorder and the black sport 42 has a 4-6 week lead time. I pity the fool who needs to see it working first. May as well jump in the queue for v2.
I've got no problem in principle with this approachto sales but are you able to play with the watch without having to make an appointment? I do have one issue though. By the time I've had my appointment and decided I want to buy one, I have to then order. No problem. It's highly likely that preorders will have been long sold out by then so my desire to actually try the thing out actually penalises me. More power to those who buy unseen, but fence sitting will have its...
New Posts  All Forums: