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Apple Store is unlikely to be problematic in Australia and Apple probably would have been given the mark. While Apple is a descriptive term, in the three categories in which Apple applied for the App Store mark, at least one of them it could be cogently argued that Apple is not descriptive. It would be if one were a green grocer, but Apple is not a green grocer. They already have Apple on its own as a mark. That has to tell you something.
Actually, the judge was constrained by the law. You can read the judgment here.  http://www.judgments.fedcourt.gov.au/judgments/Judgments/fca/single/2014/2014fca1304 "I am prepared to accept that, as part of the launch of the iPhone 3G in Australia, Apple’s App Store aroused significant interest, manifested by persons undertaking inquiries on the Internet using app store as a search term. I am also prepared to accept that, within the relevant period, a number of persons –...
At $1000 a unit
Oh, get over yourself. Just don't believe everything a corporation feeds you. That's the point. I'm sorry I didn't surround it with smileys or some shit. I sure as hell ain't going to install an 'untrusted' app. I don't have an association with any place that would give me enterprisey apps to install and the warning is sufficiently alarming. Does that make you feel better?
Apparently only 9 people have bent iphones too.
aye, got it.
I have a pretty much vanilla Yosemite install, from terminal I can "sudo su -" and I wind up as root.   That doesn't sound disabled to me? The article says I have to reenter my password but that's true of sudo in most cases anyway, so I was expecting that. It's certainly not 'disabled' however.   I haven't set up a secondary account yet, this machine is only a week or so old.   "Dubbed "Rootpipe," the flaw allows software running under an account with admin...
Blah blah blah. I can't really comment about the minutae of the health care market but commercialising it clearly hasn't brought the benefits on the whole that your reply implies. Per capita the US spend more on health care than pretty much any other nation yet life expectancies are lower than than those of other "advanced" nations.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_systems_by_countryAs to trusting government - private companies are hardly a paragon of virtue. There was...
Country shopping by corporations may have a limited future. I feel it will be the subject of g20 and Ireland's move is probably a precursor to a big harmonisation effort. If tax legislation can simply look through an organisations company structure and characterise an arrangement as those of a single company then the issue of tax becomes harder to dodge. Btw, I believe in socialised medicine because health is such an inelastic commodity that it makes nonsense to leave it...
Must have just gotten lucky then. I don't often need to call on Dropbox.
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