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http://www.visa.com.au/aboutvisa/interchange/interchange.shtml more like .275% if we're talking about the same thing. On that assumption taking more than half that cut, *and* giving up sales data, it's obvious where that would be heading. I bought my 5S, then 6, then 6s specifically to get access to Apple Pay when it became available through MC/VISA but the longer this drags the more I realise that tap and go is more and more entrenched (the ATMs do it now FFS) and no-one...
one of those things where you shouldn't knock it till you try it. It doesn't just dim the display - in fact on the mac it doesn't dim the display at all. It changes the color temp of the screen at night to 'compensate' for the time of day. It reduces the "bluishness" of the display and anecodotally reduces eye strain when using the display at night. I would turn it off to do photo editing, and where colour accuracy is required but for things like browsing, mail, and...
Eye*s*? You've got two? :-)
Good for you.  There is obviously demand for a solution offered by Flux and I've often lamented its non-existence on non-jailbroken iDevices. I've specifically jailbroken to put it on in the past but did not know that it was able to be 'side loaded' in this way. And it's not about whether you perceive my need to access it. It is about improving my comfort while *I* use *my* device in *my own* surroundings.
That's great but you address nothing in the article? I'm going to wait till next year. I got a taste of smart watch with the Garmin VivoActive and I do like it :)
The added security is technically great but practically worthless so long as banks cover you for fraudulent transactions. There's the other issue of ID theft which is a privacy issue which Apple Pay has well covered. But even then nearly all my pos interactions have had me in possession of the card at all times, Including an upscale restaurant where the machine was brought to my table.It's a great idea for me. I'd love to be able to get around with just my phone. I hope it...
Problem in AU is Amex's fees are higher for the merchant than Visa/MC and merchants here are more than happy to pass it on as they're legally allowed to do. For those places which do accept it, the surcharge on the purchase in 3-5 percent compared to 1% for Visa/MC. Diner's card is basically a rounding error. the other problem apple pay is facing they want the same terms as in other jurisdictions, even though the interchange fees in Australia are typically half that in the...
It gets the product on the ground here but I know very few people with AMEX, and if they have it, it's generally corporately issued. Tap and Go is becoming ubiquitous here. Not sure (apart from not having to carry a physical card) where Apple pay is adding value here when it comes to ease of use.
I have found to Siri to be immensely better than it used to be in general use. Put it in my car and she drops 50 iq points. Doesn't understand a lot of what I'm saying. I suspect the BT module in my car and the ambient environment in my car has something to do with it. It a stock Golf gti with that silly soundaktor unplugged so my car is quality without being premium per se. 
It's linked off the linked article if that makes sense.
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