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They already serve up H.264 via Apple TV, iPad & iPhone so it won't be long. My guess is the DRM requirements will take a bit to sort out and you'll need an app for that.
Nicely done Daniel. The Silverlight and Flash IDE are now going to spit out HTML 5 which should help accelerate the shift to a new web standard. Bravo.
Obviously you know I was responding to a troll post earlier in the thread. The Microsoft blog post actually did a nice job of covering some of the issues. As far as Apple consumers. We should all be glad that the majority of video sites are converting their sites to support html 5 video, and Adobe is working hard to provide tools to support HTML 5 because Apple is moving forward and Flash Video on mobile is not part of the roadmap.
@Chronster, can't believe you are that stupid. Do you know anything about h.264 ? Fact h.264 is a standard used across the industry including Flash. HTML 5 is the next major revision to the Web standard. When somebody calls h.264 proprietary. We need to understand that H.264 patents are owned by a Patent Pool of which Apple is a minority member. In comparison Google owns the patents on VP8 and Adobe owns the patents for Flash Video the container file format. The...
This is what Microsoft had to say on SJ proprietary Codec H.264 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2...eo-in-ie9.aspx [W]e think it is the best available video codec today for HTML5 for our customers. Relative to alternatives, H.264 maintains strong hardware support in PCs and mobile devices as well as a breadth of implementation in consumer electronics devices around the world, excellent video quality, scale of existing usage, availability of tools and content...
If you read the source article http://blog.mefeedia.com/html5-oct-2010 54% of web video is now available for playback in HTML5. Double in 5 months. Our final tally included only video that can be delivered within HTML5’s “video” tag. In the vast majority of cases, this means videos were encoded in H.264.
Do some research on the h.264 patent pool before you make your bogus claims. Apple is a minority player in the patent pool. As far as proprietary goes, most of the other competing technologies have similar issues. Until this year Flash was not really an option on mobile so Apple picked HTML 5 an H.264, the chart clearly shows that the window of opportunity for flash on mobile is rapidly shrinking and they are just getting usable software deployed on a number of android...
Move on troll. Throw your bs on people who care. The reception on ATT is location specific. If you don't like it pick another carrier. Outperform, what is your metric? A handy margin spoken like a true engineer or is that a salesmen? The reality is all these devices are battery constrained and Apple is currently making a great performance vs battery compromise. Show real data ro STFU
Are you a professional comedian
Here is an article on the DM 870 in Linux Devices DM 870
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